Top Luxury Destinations In Africa

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African is richly blessed with lovely tourist sports, a place you can enjoy the warmth of nature and eat some of the world’s exotic meals; all these you will experience in so many places in Africa. These are some of the things that would make your  vacation in any of this places an unforgettable  experience, There is time out, hospitality, electric dance, local delicacy and other surprising and enlightening luxury that await anyone that visits these places. It always look as if Mother Nature has been waiting for you the first time you are embraced by the African’ atmosphere.



Mauritius is known to have many cultural diversity, geographical variation and a historic site. This makes Mauritius the tourist haven, though it is a small island but its environment is worth it that any tourist is willing to create a hole in his pocket just to explore the beauty of the island. The white sandy beach, cobalt blue sea, opulence hotels with so many activities keep everyone in the island happy and busy coupled with the Africa saga music that contributes in making the weekend an exciting.

The Waterberg, Limpopo

The waterberg, limpopo

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Give UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere a try if you seek a place to relax for the weekend or vacation. Waterberg Limpopo is loaded with everything nature could offer like ancient mountains, tapestry of biodiversity, rolling savannahs; it also gives the visitors the privilege of watching the birds at the Nyl floodplain, a hike at Mookgophong and to see the fish at the Mokolo Dam with the big five game making it a true naturally wonder.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

sharm el sheikh

If you have never visited any of the Sharm El Sheikh’s beaches, we  bet you would always want to  try it the next time because you can never regret taking that decision, it has  breathtaking sites with romantic restaurant where you can dine with your lover. The red sea water is one spot every visitor can never resist.  Sharm got exotic classical hotels, good facilities that will keep you away from getting bored, shopping mall and entertainment that keep you going all through your stay


Casablanca, Morocco

casablanca, morocco

In Morocco, the Atlas mountain, pillars of Hercules and the Sahara desert are seen to be good spots for tourists to relax. Casablanca is one place where those who want to experience an amazing time visit. It has modern urban planning, wide boulevards and fountains  that will definitely introduce  you to a  different kind of social life. You see well kept bars, beaches and parks where you can actually have a quite time with your spouse, colleagues and family. It is indeed a lovely place to spend a time


Lamu Island, Kenya

lamu island, kenya

Having a feel of nature in this tropical Kenyan archipelago Lamu Island can never be compared with anything, is it the feeling of the cobalt water. or the sands?  There are so many site attractions that  every tourist looks forward to behold.  Water activity like snorkeling makes the island irresistible for any visitor whose aim is to enjoy.








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