Top National Parks In Africa

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It is in Africa that some of the best National Parks are located. These parks are naturally designed to fit the Big Five and other animals.  We can start our journey from the famous Maasai mara or even the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve to witness the most amazing forest life.  We would advise that you pick a camera because there are lots of once in a lifetime scenes that you would capture.

Kruger National Park

 krugur national park

Kruger National Park is a favourite safari for tourists which is well maintained and has become Africa’s oldest National Park.  It is here that you are going to see the crocodiles raising their heads majestically, the giraffes walking tall, hippos blowing water from their nostrils, cheetah beating every world record in sprinting and varieties of wildlife.

 Location South Africa


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Maasai Mari National Reserve

maasai mari national reserve

One of the most visited national reserve in Africa is Maasai Mara; a dramatic spot for viewing game and there is the acacia woodland where the Big Five are located.  The ground vibrates when the wildebeest causes stampede during their migration every year. You may never see such a number of wildebeest in your life like the ones in Maasai Mari.

Location: Kenya

Ruaha National Park

ruaha national park

A visit to Ruaha National Park would expose you to some beautiful breeds  of zebra and there are loads of activities waiting for you. Take a peep into what happens in the night in some of the world’s greatest parks here. There are sounds that you would never forget, fights you may even support like Zebras defending their own from predator. It is another world that you would love to experience over and over again.

Location: Tanzania

The Zambezi Valley

zambezi river

In this valley, you would see hippo, elephant and so many birds that are perfectly living without disruption in their habitants.  The Zambezi River is another site of attraction; it is a river that sluggishly flows through the valley. The marine forest is lush and the flood plains have grasses which has become homes to different animals.  If there is one thing you would love to see, it is the migration of butterflies.

Location: Zambia


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve

bwindi forest reserve

Bwindi Impenetrable forest reserve gives you all that you would ever think of in a lovely forest reserve. Is it the animals that you want to see or the marine animals?  The gorillas are here to charm you off your feet, it is recommended that you do not stare at them for long. How many people can do this? Welcome to one of the best reserved grounds for gorillas. You are in for a walk in this forest. A tourist guide is always around to help walk this forest

Location: Uganda

You can come with your family, spouse or even alone to have a great time in these national parks. There are affordable accommodation packages for you to use. Car rental services are available right from the airport.  Things are cheap; this is also an attraction to having that blissful vacation in one of these parks in Africa.

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