Tirana To Osijek By Bus

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Tirana and the Skanderberg Castle is a must for every traveler in Albania. The museum is dedicated exclusively to Skanderbeg. The sculptures and artifacts can be seen up to the third room and impressively show how proud the Albanians are of their national hero.

Tirana To Osijek By Bus


The SS Peter and Paul is an imposing Gothic cathedral in three-nave with a tower located in the main square of the city of Osijek. The architecture is beautiful along with the stained glass windows that can be seen from the inside.

Here are the available modes of transport from Tirana to Osijek.

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Tirana To Osijek By Bus

The distance between Tirana to Osijek is 780 km. There are four bus rides to complete when travelling from Tirana to Osijek. First, take the Durmo Tours bus in Tirana that is bound to Kichevo, and from Kichevo, take another Durmo bus that is bound to Belgrade. From Belgrade, take the Lasta bus that is bound to Sid. From here, take another Lasta bus that is bound to Osijek. The total travel time is 17 hours. The total cost of the one way ticket is US$70. To get the complete timetable, visit: http://durmotours.com/?package=albania

If driving a car is the option when travelling from Tirana to Osijek; the travel time is nine hours and 43 minutes.

Tirana To Osijek By Bus

Tirana To Osijek by Train

You need to take two bus rides and two night trains when travelling via railway transport from Tirana to Osijek. First, take the Barileva Turist bus that is bound to Prizren from Tirana (four hours for US$8). From Prizren, take the Banbus that will take you to Belgrade (eight hours for US$17). The train ride begins at the Beograd train station via EuroNight and bound to Vinkovci. From this point, take the Croatian Railways HZ Line that is bound to Osijek. The railway travel time is four hours at a cost of US$37. To know more, check: http://www.eurailgroup.org/eurailsalesmanual/pass_benefits/night_trains/EuroNight.htm

Tirana To Osijek by Air

There is no direct flight that covers the Tirana to Osijek flight route. 

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