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Spectacular valleys, snow -covered mountains and matchless scenic views make Andorra one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beauty of Andorra is actually far ahead of any wordily description. It is the sixth smallest country of Europe Continent but this small country has big pleasant surprises for the tourists. You would get captivated by the alluring beauty of this country and would definitely visit here for the second time. Same is the case with me. Last month, I visited Andorra with my girlfriend. We were mesmerized by the incomparable natural views. This country is a paradise where you could enjoy the nature at its best. We earned many endless memories from our travel to Andorra. I am very glad to appreciate the magnificence of this beautiful country.Travel to Andorra

Andorra can be described in just one word: “Matchless”. You might have seen many splendid snow covered mountains and valleys but the beauty of Andorra is incomparable. We started discovering the treasures of Andorra from its capital city Andorra la vella. It is sited at 1023 meters above the sea level and this fact makes it the highest capital city of Europe Continent. Millions of tourists get tempted by the appealing beauty and wonderful itineraries of this city. We were very excited to explore this city right from the moment when we took our first step in this splendid city. We started our holidays in Andorra with a visit to Grandvalira Ski Resort. This is the most wonderful ski resort that I have ever seen. The snow gardens are brilliant and perfect for enjoying the best of skiing. The backdrop of this place is awe-inspiring. It was a great opportunity of enjoying the delight of skiing and we availed it. The experience of skiing at this ski resort was very delightful. There are some good restaurants also. We had a cup of tea after enjoying skiing.Travel to Andorra

Andorra la Vella has some magnificent architecture in its lap. Casa de la Vall is the greatest example of this. It was built in 1580 as a mansion and defense tower. Now, this historical house serves as the headquarters of General Council of Andorra. This small historical building has a pigeon shaped tower at one corner. This tower looks amazing. You could see a wonderful sculpture in its garden. The awe-inspiring landscapes in the backdrop of this historical house add to its charm. You could enjoy the lovely landscapes from its terrace. Andorra la Vella is a small city and it doesn’t take much time to go from one point to another. After viewing the Casa de la Vall, we headed to Sant Esteve Church. It’s a small and beautiful church of 12thcentury. It is sited in the midst of divine natural views. We were thunderstruck to see such wonderful beauty. The interior of the church is fabulous. You could see some wonderful paintings in the church. This Romanesque church is an excellent example of traditional and unique architecture. The bell tower of this church is also very impressive. We loved being at this place.Travel to Andorra

This city is rich in Romanesque art. You could see the Romanesque effect on its architectures and painting. The magnificent stone buildings sited in wonderful locations make you feel like being in some other century. We also visited Santa Coloma which is the oldest building of this city. We really liked its unique architecture. The most exciting activity that we did in Andorra la Vella was under ice diving. We did this adventurous activity with Diving Andorra. It’s a company that offers to experience the thrill of diving under ice without even getting wet. It was an amazing experience. We saw many astonishing ice formations. Under ice diving is completely different from underwater diving. Ever diver must have the electrifying experience of under ice diving.Travel to Andorra

We had an excellent time in Andorra la Vella. We spent two wonderful days in this splendid city and then we left for our next destination Les Escaldes. This urban city is located very near to Andorra la Vella. Les Escaldes is famous for having numerous natural hot springs. These hot springs are used for medicinal purposes. Hot springs and sauna are always the best way to get relief from tiredness and tension. We wanted to soak ourselves in warm water; so we visited Caldea Thermal spa. It is the prominent attraction of this city. It’s a geological formation located in the mountains. There are many pools at this place which includes some Jacuzzi pools and an outside lagoon. This place has everything ranging from dry and wet saunas, plunge pools and hamam with eucalyptus. You could enjoy swimming and relaxing in warm water. Caldea Thermal Spa is a wonder in itself. What could be more enchanting than relaxing in warm water and watching the surroundings which give the views of snow-capped mountains!Travel to Andorra

Les Escaldes is the gateway to Madriu – Perafita –Claror Valley. It’s a stunning glacial valley. This valley is considered as the “spiritual heart” of Andorra. This divine valley is haven for many endangered and rare species of animals. To honor the significance and splendor of this valley; it was declared as a World Heritage Site in 2004. It is the only World Heritage Site of Andorra. We didn’t want to miss the chance to see this dazzling valley at any cost. Visiting this valley was the most wonderful decision that we had ever made. We were fascinated to see such magnificent glory of nature. It was a heartwarming moment for us. Our souls got drenched in the breathtaking beauty of this valley. We saw some tall trees covered with snow. They were looking awesome. We could see the sun in the midst of snow capped mountains and beautiful flower beds. It was looking as if someone has lit a huge lamp in between the mountain. It was a magical view. We enjoyed watching the spectacular scenery.Travel to Andorra

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Inclas valley is another spectacular valley of Andorra. It is located near the village of Soldeu. We enjoyed watching the stunning landscapes of this valley. Then we started hiking to reach the Lake Juclar. It is the longest lake of Andorra. The hiking was very easy and full of splendid views. It took us around two hours to reach Lake Juclar. The views were amazing and worth our effort. We spent some time on the Lake and then we headed to discover some hidden riches of Andorra. Our way led us to some beautiful ponds which includes Cabana Sorda and Siscaro. Both of these ponds are very beautiful. We were very happy that we saw this unseen beauty of Andorra.Travel to Andorra

You might have enjoyed the delight of a roller coaster but have you ever experienced a ride on nature coaster? If not; then visit Naturelandia Park to experience this unique and amazing ride. This Park is situated in La Rabassa. This is without doubt the best park that I have ever seen anywhere round the world. Every part of this park is unique and amazing. The exceptional and panoramic views of nature make this park one of the most beautiful places of Andorra. The Tobotronc or say nature coaster is the major attraction of this park. It is called a nature coaster because it makes you shake your hands with nature. It is world’s longest nature coaster which takes you through a forest. You could see many matchless views during this ride. We experienced this ride and this was the most enchanting and fascinating ride of our life. It was a memorable experience and I still remember every single moment of this nature ride. The brilliance of this nature coaster ride is ahead of any explanation. It was a life time experience. You must feel the thrill of this ride at least once. You would love it.Travel to Andorra

Andorra is a small heaven on our planet. This stunning country would soak your soul in its captivating beauty. The panoramic views of Andorra would remain in my mind forever. I strongly recommend this stunning country to all. Visit Andorra and have your most beautiful holidays!


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