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When visiting Andorra, you will be surprised at the great options that this tiny country has to offer. Traffic and commercial shops trying to make money do mar the amazing experience, but there is hardly any country in the world today, that is not affected by these two unpleasant factors. The unexpected sights that you will come across during your trip will make you overlook the few defects.

travel to andorra 

What I love the most about Andorra is the versatility that the country offers year round. If you have just heard about the skiing opportunities, you are bound to find much more when you travel to Andorra. While winter offers beautiful white holiday on the resorts dotting the Pyrenees mountain range, summer dazzles brilliantly with the sun making the country side and hills come alive with the warmth of the season.


Whether you like a quiet holiday simply taking long strolls while exploring the quaint villages on foot or enjoy more adventure packed time hiking and skiing, Andorra has it all. Add to this, the pleasure of shopping at almost every step and enjoying a gastronomical treat. And if something still seems to be missing, the innumerable festivals and fests held at regular intervals in different cities and villages will complete the pleasure of holidaying and taking back memories to stay a lifetime.


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If you have little time on hand and cannot finalize a trip to an exotic location, simply head for Andorra. Visas to enter the country are not required, thus saving major part of your planning and preparation time. However, those of you from non-Schengen area might require a visa of the arrival country, depending on your country’s agreement with countries belonging to Schengen area. One thing that you need to keep in mind is, the country does not have an airport. No matter where you are coming from, you will have to enter Andorra from either Spain or France – the two bordering countries. The only way to reach is by car or bus. The route from Spain is easier to travel than the one from France, which has numerous hairpin bends. Make sure you have your own medical and travel insurances before your plan your tour.


Once you enter Andorra, you have plenty of hotel accommodation options ranging from apartment types to mid-range and luxury hotels. You can either book the hotel in advance, which is recommended especially during the peak seasons or simply arrange one on your arrival. With great number choices, getting a room within your budget should not be difficult. For all your touring purposes within the country, you can make use of the services of Novotal coach service, which is frequent and extremely reliable as well as pocket-friendly. This way you can see the best of the country without the additional headache of handling the unruly local drivers. But if you want a more relaxed journey, hiring a car would be a better alternative. It will give you the freedom to stop anywhere and take breaks when you are tired.


My personal preference is going around the country on foot. Not walking the entire stretch, but stopping the car at different places to explore the region further. By walking and trekking, you can unravel little natural treasures at such places as the beautiful villages of Ordino, Sornas, La Cortinada, Llorts and Les Salines, the valleys of Ransol and Incles and Lake Engolasters. These long walks and treks as well as cycling through the green terrain are ideal during summers as the weather permits longer hours outdoors.


If you travel during winter, take a little precaution as the weather conditions and avalanches may make your holiday less enjoyable. Winters mark the beginning of the skiing season, with Andorra offering the best skiing resorts and skiing conditions in the entire Pyrenees range. Millions of Euros that have been invested in setting up ski-lifts, gondolas, restaurants, and resorts ensure that you have the time of your life. You can choose from any one of the resorts such as Arcalis, Arinsal, Canillo & Soldeu and Arinsal & Pal or visit all of them during day trips, if you have many days in hand. The routes to each of these resorts are strewn with breathtaking views of the valleys and mountains, lakes and passes. Do not forget to stop for photo sessions!


Apart from the walking and sports activities that abound in Andorra, there are other sides of the country that simply cannot be missed – cultural, architectural, shopping and gastronomical. While magnificent historic buildings of Casa de la Vall and Church of Santa Coloma and squares and museums will take you back in time, the delectable Catalonian cuisine at the restaurants of Borda Estevet and La Dama Del Lago will keep your taste buds happy. The food in Andorra has heavy influences of Catalonian cuisine with some mix of French as well. You will have meat and poultry treat almost everywhere you go and this could cause for a little trouble for vegetarians and vegans.  There are numerous cafes and bars that will help you quench your thirst and satiate your appetite on the go.


At the end of all your walking and hiking, you can do away with any tiredness and feel rejuvenated at the Caldea Spa Complex. This place has mind-boggling choices of spas, baths and massages for you to indulge in. And for the evening entertainment, you can get tickets to any of the musical, theatrical or dance festivals, which are part of the Andorran life.


Your travel to Andorra will remain incomplete if you do not return home with your bags filled with gifts and souvenirs and other items such as tobacco and alcohol. The country is home to more than 2000 shops including duty-free shops and departmental stores. The most recommended would be Pyrenees Department store offering reasonably priced items. It also has a multi-cuisine restaurant to help you remain energized during the shopping expedition. You can shop for duty free items at stores located on the eastern side of Avinguda del Princep Benlloch. You just have to keep in mind that Andorra is not part of the European Union and therefore, your gifts could be liable to taxation in other countries, especially in your country of departure and country of residence.


With all the things to do and see in Andorra, a short trip will never do justice to the country. If you have any specific activity in mind, then a tour of 3-4 days should suffice. But you can know all about the country only when you stay and go around for at least one to two weeks. Many of you might be having pets and wonder where to keep them when travelling over a longer period of time. Do not worry, as most of the hotels and stores in Andorra are pet friendly. So, why not give your furry friend a fun time while you enjoy your trip to Andorra? You can drive around with your pet and enter restaurants too! Simply make sure your pet has microchip or tattoo for identification and a passport as well.


While you enjoy your time during your stay in Andorra, try to abide by the few rules that the country imposes such as those related to drinking on the road and drugs in-take. This will ensure you of a trouble-free, wonderful vacation with your loved ones!





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