Don't Miss Places In Anguilla

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The white, fine sand that extends for miles, flawless waters and the laid-back, vibrant spirit of the Anguillan individuals are just a few of the reason why Anguilla is the best travel destination in the Caribbean. Swim and sunbathe throughout the day at the Rendezvous Bay overlooking the island of St. Martin and is ideal for lazing on the sand in the sun! It is also a quiet beach with beautiful tracks and complete beach infrastructure. Discover a mixture of culture, fun loving people, and the beauty of an island set along its amazing beaches.

Don't Miss Places in Anguilla

Anguilla is basically composed of 9 stunning regions. Explore the entire enchanting island with the following not to be missed places in Anguilla.


Shoal Bay (Shoal Bay Village)

Shoal Bay is located along the eastern bay of the island and classified as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand is white and fine, the water is turquoise and the shades of colors are amazing. Take great shots and your will look like real postcards. The beach is wide and it is possible to be quiet there since it is not crowded to excess. The water is warm and a swim is essential. It is a little paradise in Anguilla. It is possible to rent chairs, drink, and eat on the beach. The people of the island are very nice and courteous. It's really a place to see and it’s easily accessible from St. Martin. Two miles of soft white beach, framed by palm trees is impossible to miss when you’re in Anguilla. It’s impossible not to dream of going back and enjoy the thrill of a paradise like get-away.

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Shoal Bay

The long beach and white sand that declines in an incredible sea and where all shades of blue blend will leaves you speechless. Snorkeling is a pleasure, and also the chance of meeting the kind locals who stop for fishing or gathering coconuts in this part of the island. The best part of the tour is the peace and long walks without having to worry about dodging anything on the sand.


Meads Bay (Long Bay Village)

The Meads Bay (Long Bay Village) is a three kilometer long beach where the sand is white, soft and subtle. The ocean is crystal blue, but when the current is heavy the waves surge and turn rough (not advisable to swim under such circumstances). The waves are quite high and only the super expert swimmers can venture off in those moments.  After the surges, you will witness one of nature’s fascinating scenes; on the shore you will see hundreds of starfish of various sizes. Meads Bay is one of the most spectacular beaches of Anguilla. You can spend a week there along its row of hotels, residences, and resort places.

Meads Bay

It is a nice long beach, with medium fine sand but does not offer the colors that are typical of Caribbean coral beaches (like Shoal Bay East) or fine sand / talcum powder like that of Rendezvous Bay. But it is very enjoyable and has the distinction of having fun right next to the shore that is just a "step" away or at least a meter apart that invites you to jump (or slip down). The seabed slopes on average, so it has extended parts of low water. This beach overlooks different resort (Frangipani, and a condo) in addition to the Viceroy Hotel on the east end.  The rate of overcrowding is very low and there are no service facilities. It is advisable to bring your own food and drinks. Beach sun bed and umbrellas can be rented from the nearby resort. There are no specific nautical activities (jet skis and more) and is therefore very quiet.


Rendezvous Bay (Sandy Ground)

The Rendezvous Bay is a long stretch of white sand, soft, subtle, intense and crystal blue sea. The beach is quiet and almost deserted, always, but it’s a great wonder of nature here in Anguilla. Bring a drink and food if you decide to stay all day, because there are not many bars and dining options. You cannot miss going to this beach, because it is the best on the island. Rendezvous bay is equally impressive like the after Anguilla Shoal Bay East. It’s a very long beach, about 3 km from that of St. Martin with very fine sand, very clear, with sea colors that are particularly brilliant. The water degrades slowly so it is extremely convenient for children.

Rendezvous Bay

If you travel on the eastern (watching the sea on the left) the beach is more protected and the sea a lot quieter. It should be because it is at least 1 mile of clear sand and paradise like setting. There are no huge structures (with the exception of a nice wooden kiosk, colorful, but closed during the low season). There is no natural protection from the sun (if you want to stay in the wild and stay protected for children, bring your own umbrella and food. For the activities there are no boats, motorcycles, and other water sports adventure. Just a few kite surfers that are positioned in the western end (Dune Preserve) as for the overcrowding rate, it is extremely low. About the accessibility, it is not immediate you need to take water taxis from the point of St. Martin. In the east there are 5/6 villas that are uninhabited (indeed abandoned) that have a beautiful location (with a puns behind), a remarkable sight that can be developed or restructured and use as houses. But then all of Rendezvous Bay is full of incomplete and abandoned buildings, but it is still worth the stay on this side of Anguilla.


Sandy Ground

Sandy Ground is a Caribbean beach that is good for lots of beach activities. When you come here, you cannot find the classic Caribbean beach that is pleasant and lonely, but rather as a place where there are lots of things to do. It is located close to a large part of the ocean that is substantially a favorite hangout place of Anguillans. In fact it is here where they organize concerts on the beach especially during the carnival of Anguilla (1st week of August) where you can find just about anything! On weekends it easily gets filled with boats and yacht owners because the boats can dock almost close to the shore.

Sandy Ground

It is a small bay with a perfectly calm sea that is ideal for families with young children.  You need not bring any food and drinks when you come visit this site because there are lots of small but affordable restaurants along the waterfront. This beach lies opposite the Sandy Island and accessible by bus within 5 minutes.


Sandy Island

When in Anguilla, you can take a small boat and plan a day trip booked to Sandy Island. A motor boat can take you within 20 minutes from Sandy Ground to this uninhabited island. There is a nice bar where you can have lunch and then you can spend some quiet time to relax on the beach, or take a long nap in one of the hammocks or snorkel (depending on the condition of the seabed and the sea current) to see special fish and other marine animals.  

Sandy Island

Sandy is a small island located in the northern side and near the Crocus Bay of Anguilla. It is a beauty and the eastern part of the island has coral and shells that impede access. The island has a bar and bathrooms, a couple of palm trees and plenty of water and sand to enjoy.


Maundays Bay (West End Village)

Maundays Bay

Maundays Bay is a great beach with some structure of bars that open only during the holiday season. In low season, it is virtually a deserted beach like other beaches in Anguilla. Situated along the West End Village, it has crystal clear waters and strong waves and usually crowded. It’s like seeing a magazine photo of a stunningly beautiful beach. It is perfect for single couples who want tranquility. You can also take long hikes along its coastline and admire the view of the Caribbean and St. Martin.


Dolphin Discovery (Blowing Point)

Dolphin Discovery provides that rare chance to play and interact with the dolphins. You can exchange basins or play ball with them. The best part is meeting their trainers who were nothing short of amazing and the dolphins who are not expecting anything but rejoice and heed the command that the trainers imparted. The sight and the feelings that are stirred up by these lovely creatures entertaining everyone in the audience with their funny and cute antics that is impossible to describe. The dolphins are obviously well kept and cared for, they are happy, lively and playful, aside from getting rewards from their trainers every now and then each time they accomplish something positive. They look good and actively played with guests and transmitted unforgettable emotions.  The encounter with the dolphins shows that these animals really like the company of humans (and the many fish that they receive as reward for their exercises) and they need to be treated with respect and even with true affection.

Dolphin Discovery

Swimming with the dolphins is a unique experience and therefore unforgettable. In the case of Dolphin Discovery in Anguilla, this is no exception. But beware; it is something that can become very expensive, especially with regard to the pictures but it is all worth it. It is an excellent tour option with great fun and good pictures. The instructors are attentive and patient.  The Dolphins are extremely captivating animals and you certainly will not forget the day that you will spend here. After the dolphin show and activities, enjoy the nearby beach.


Prickly Pear Cays

The Prickly Pear Cays has all the colors of turquoise and blue that is complemented by the blue sky with cumulus horizon. It has fine, soft sand that sinks slightly under your feet the more you tread on it. And if you reach the shoreline the sand becomes coral powder red, then pink up to the shaded parts. To have a more private time alone on these site, visit it on April (the off peak season) and you will find yourselves alone.

Prickly Pear Cays

You can take a charter or if you have your own boat, you can anchor along the shores of the Prickly Pear.  The beach has nice restaurant and authentic cuisine. If you need to have snorkeling fun, you can rent a mask, snorkel, fins or umbrella and mattresses for sunbathing you can do so from a local restaurant and shop here. They also have decent washrooms and toilets that you can use for a small fee.


Little Bay

The Little Bay is a beautiful cove that is accessible from Crocus Bay via a small boat that charges for US$ 15 per person. It is ideal deal for swimming with lots of shaded area for children to play with and its clear turquoise water. For snorkeling, it is the top spot in Anguilla and in 1 hour, you can see a multitude of tropical fish and lobster, crab and eel morays. The beach is located on the west of the island, and it is reachable only by boat or on foot with a run of 10 minutes, the last stretch of steep rocks can be accomplished with the help of a rope.

Little Bay

The small bay is surrounded by high cliffs and turns to be very intimate when there are too many boats moored. The sea is always crystal clear and for this it is often the decent spot to do some snorkeling.   Despite the difficulties to access the beach (with kayak rental on the beach nearby and rope from a small canyon or boat), the Little Bay is, as the name says, a small bay with extremely clear, calm water. It is well worth the visit and the effort to reach the island because it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.


Scilly Cay (Island Harbor)

Scilly Cay

Scilly Cay is a very small island that is reachable with a boat that requires reservation and the food must also be ordered in advance (chicken or lobster) and served in big portions. The owner of the boat is a nice gentleman who will welcome you with sympathy and warmth. Just choose the table, you lie in the sun and they will call you when it's ready. One tip: choose a nice table in the shade. Later on you can join other guests, music, great food, drinks (the best rum punch!) and a little entertainment in a package adventure that is a bit pricey but all worth the effort! It is certainly worth going back to in the island of Anguilla.


Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay

The Savannah Bay is a must see beach in the island of Anguilla. The road here is actually quite rocky, so it is advisable to rent a tough 4x4 to avoid having road problem s along the way. Once you arrive, you will see a paradise atmosphere that is totally empty of commercialism. Despite these interesting features, the place has its share of downside. At the beach there are lots of seaweeds that got washed ashore and a beachfront that is full of stones and shells.  It is not advisable for walking and also not for swimming because the sea has the tendency to become very rough, with the risk of ending up on the rocks to the waves, and to the deep parts of the beach.

Savannah Bay

For sunbathing there are very few palm trees. The beach bar named "Palm Grove Restaurant" is a big green shack and serves typical Anguillan dishes. The place still lacks a total beach infrastructure. Still, it is a must visit attraction when in Anguilla. It is one of the few beaches of Anguilla where there are no intrusive buildings and that gives it a considerable surplus despite a few negatives. Also it has a light shade of pink on its landscape due to the small sediments that are present in the sand.


Tradition Sailing Charters

A ride with the Tradition Sailing Charters is one of the best things to do in Anguilla. It is a fantastic experience that will leave you with good impressions and memories of Anguilla. It is not surprising to see such a beautiful boat and a very attentive crew. The tradition is absolutely part of Anguilla’s culture where everyone on board takes pride arriving via this famous boating charter.  The crew was incredibly friendly, with cakes and drinks to serve while you learn a lot about the island with them. If you wonder why the cost is higher than the large catamarans that are filled to the brim, do not hesitate to board the Tradition; the experience has nothing to do with the cost and you will not regret it.

Tradition Sailing Charters

Anguilla is a paradise like island that is waiting for you to discover. The clear waters and the white sand from all the bay and attractions are spectacular. If you like nature, snorkeling fun, or to be in peace and quiet, this is the best place to visit, spend the holidays or simply enjoy the waters of the Caribbean. 

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