Buenos Aires, Where to go?

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Was wondering where in Buenos Aires there would be some fun, friendly, and affortable places to eat, drink and sleep while on a budget and travelling alone! any advice is muchhhh appreciated as well as any towns or areas out of the city (a short bus ride away) thats worth checking out.
thanks guys  :buu:)

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I highly recommend Pangea Hostel in Buenos Aires. They are a bit outside of the main center but the subway is right infront of their doors so it is super easy to get aroudn anywhere. The owners are awesome (4 guys in their 20s) and there is always a party atmosphere going on there. They have a mini bar and a pool table and loungeing area and a patio upstairs...kitchen, etc.

Be sure to hit La Bomba de Tiempo on Monday nights from 8-10pm...I hit 5 Mondays and is definitely a HUGE highlight of BA for me.

Food is pretty good most anywhere...but I found a veggie buffet restaurant that was absolutely awesome (around Entre Rios and Indepencia).

Make sure you check out San Telmo on Sundays.....and Recoleta on the weekends is pretty cool too (market). La Boca is worth a visit one day but get out of there before night.

Have a nice trip, hope this helps....

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Here's a list of options that I sent to a friend when we were living in Buenos Aires...

1. Museo de Bellas Artes (Recoleta)

2. Cemeterio de Recoleta (Recoleta)- lugar de muri? de
evita, sarmiento, busce la mujer Rufina tambien

3. Camine Ave. Libertador hasta Lagos de Palermo y la
jardin de rosas

4. Close to  lagos de palermo are two options
   a. Botanico Jardin de Japones- jardin y sushi
   b. Jardin Zoologico in front of de Plaza Italia- MUST SEE

5. Visit El Teatro Colon

6. El Obelisko in "9 de Julio"

7. Plaza de Mayo y shopping del microcentro

8. Camine la ruta de Puerto Madero and
parque ecologica reserva.

9. San Telmo

10. La Boca where the tango was born.

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Hi there. Just seen your question and had to reply.

I am a woman travelling on my own too and I absolutely LOVED Buenos Aires. I was only supposed to be there 2 nights but stayed 14. I stayed at a hostel called Portal del Sur which is really central and a 5-8 min walk from Plaza de Mayo and the shops. It the best place I could have stayed being on my own. The staff are really friendly and remember everyone's names. There is a roof top terrace where you can eat and relax. It was only 35 pesos a night which included breakfast and the dorms were only 4 beds. The bar was really sociable and on Saturday nights there was always a party. They also did free tango and spanish lessons, plus a free tour around the town. I met some really lovely people there who I am still in contact with now. It's not a crazy party hostel (if you want that then Millhouse next door is your place) but it was really sociable and I can't recommend it enough.

Re food. There is one place you can't miss. It's called [u][i]La Cabrera in Palermo[/i][/u] and does the most amazing steak I have ever tasted. You must go with someone though (you'll meet people all the time so this won't be a problem) as one main course is basically 4 large steaks and you get 12 little dishes with this too. It's 54 pesos, so between two of you it's a great deal.

[i]BA was one the most friendliest and vibrant places I have been and I could have lived there. You will love it.[/i]

If you want to know anything else about BA just ask.

Have fun!

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I am from Argentina, as I work in travel I can give you great suggestions:

As some people said before,you have historical places impossible to miss!
san telmo, One of the most historical area in buenos aires,where you have museums,lezama's park ( has museum too ) manzana de las luces,san francisco church, ortodox russian church that's is very attractive!.
in my opinion where to eat is ''la brigada'' thay preparing excellent meals and they have the best wines to taste.
also,cafe tortoni,the cathedral, plaza de mayo,the cabildo, then you have puerto madero where you can find the fragata sarmiento's museum,some restaurants,lounges,etc.

La Boca only caminito is great to walk,but please don't go during night.

Palermo & Recoleta you have nightclubs,bars,pubs open all night! buenos aires never sleep!
where to buy ? florida and lavalle,you can find a lot of stores,cheap and excellent,also at florida and cordoba it's situated galerias pacifico,then you have falabella, in palermo alto palermo shopping and abasto ( carlos gardel subway station,line B) I love alto palermo.

don't forget to visit las canitas area! it is a small area in palermo but nowadays is the most fashionable city!

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