Crossing from Ushaia to Antarctica

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We want to go down to Ushaia and cross over to Antarctica.

?Can anyone advise what the best months of the year are to do that?


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You can only travel to Antarctica from Ushuaia between October and March. December and January tends to be the most popular but also the priciest time. I've only been once and that was in early December. At that time of year we were able to do all our landings, saw plenty of wildlife and we experienced all types of weather

I really suggest you in order to save lots of money you should book your trip when you get to Ushuaia, there are usually cheaper last minute deals on offer there.

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Hi Charlie

I have been there last Feb, and I can give you a good advise. 

For cheap prices, November is the best.

If you want to see the Emperor penguins, you need to go before middle of December.
Amazing trip to do.
I suggest you to book today! For last minutes, not really sure as the best boats are packed months in for quality, don't leave it to last minute.
If you leave it to the last minute you do pay much less, but you will never know when you  will get a free place in the boat, and what will be the boat quality.
Maybe you will have to wait in Ushaia for weeks till you get place.

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