How to Get From Buenos Aires to El Calafate by Bus or Airplane ?

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Hi Guys,
I will be soon to Buenos Aires, And I would like to know everything on
How to Get From Buenos Aires to El Calafate by Bus or Airplane
Please tell me with what bus companies can I get there, what are the prices ?
How long does it take to get from Buenos Aires to El Calafate ?
And is it worth maybe going there by Plane?


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Hey Seth,
I have to say nice question, I ran to the same problem, Being in Buenos Aires,
And heading to el Calafate, Having no Idea who goes there and what are the cheapest prices.
I wish I had somebody who told me it before, Anyway I am still in BA, and did yesterday the investigation. So here is what I found Out.

By Airplane:
By Airplane you can get Directly to El Calafate Airport, and it take around 3 hours flight.

LAN is definetly the cheapest company, If you go to there website which is
And search for a flight from Buenos Aires to El Calafate, If you choose in the search that you are flexible with dates, I could get a flight in Monday for only 383 pesos Including fees.
Please note that you have to add to this amount 18 U$S more since, that is what Argentinian Airport charge you for domestic flights. So the total in pesos would be (acording to 3.6 peso to  dollar conversion) 
LAN: 447 pesos. (If you are not flexible in dates you will pay around 100 pesos more).
If you go to Aerolineas Argentinas, Or To Or even to you will get much more expensive prices!

By Bus
By Bus it Takes around 39 hours, with one connection.
All right so there is no bus company that goes directly to El Calafate, All go to Rio Gallegos, and from there you have to take another local bus.
From Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos it is 35 hours ride, from Rio Gallegos to el Calafate is 4 hours ride.

El Ping?ino
Contact Phone (No website): 33 43154438
All the rides in this company will take you to El Calafate, However you will have to switch buses in Rio Gallego as mentioned above, the prices include the final destination of El Calafate.
(You have to wait around 4 hours for the connection in Rio Gallegos)

No Service Classes;
No service mean you will get no Food here, only simple drink, the bus will on the way so people can buy and pay for there own food.
Common Class costs 403 pesos, the seats here barely incline and very small, not recommended at all for such a long trip.
Semi Cama - 439 pesos, more confortable than the common class.
Cama - 456 pesos, It is not a full bed, but you can incline the seat up to 160 degrees, and you have a place to support your legs, very comfortable.
There are no super cama class. (Full bed class).

Includes Service Classes;
Means you will get food in the bus, so you do not waste your money on food, and of course drinks not only water as the no service class.
Semi Cama[/b] - 428 pesos
Cama[/b] - 508

** Important note (at least for me), the Cama classes are on the first floor, and the semi cama are on the second floor,that sucks if you wanna travel more confortable, you will be in the first floor, I personaly wanna travel in Cama in the second floor.

travel forum
Tramat does NOT do for you the connection from Rio Gallego to El Calafate,
which means that the prices include only the way from Buenos Aires To Rio Gallego, you will get there and have to buy in Rio Gallegos terminal the bus ticket to el Calafate, which costs around 40 pesos, and it is very frequent. So in short add around 40 pesos to the prices below.

Common Class without Service[/b] - 363
Semi Cama without Service[/b] - 399 pesos
Semi Cama with Service[/b] - 423 pesos
Cama with Service[/b] - 508

Again here if you choose Cama, you will be in the first floor, and not in the second.

Don Otto, Contact: 02965-423943
All right here I have not asked for all the prices since I knew already what I want,
Again the price includes only till Rio Gallego.

Cama - 500 pesos. Again as above you can incline it til 160 degrees with support to the feet.
The good thing about them is that here the Cama class is on the Second Floor !
Since they have one bus with only cama, and one bus with only semicama, so you can choose what bus to take.
And you you are right! I chose Don Otto, Since they are the only once that had cama on second floor, so I had no much options.

You guys think I am crazy, But I chose to go by Bus rather than airplane, even though the airplane is 25 U$S cheaper than the bus (you can calc the differance yourself), and not i am not afraid of planes.
The thing is that I really like long bus rides, especially in the second floor, with Cama class, you are confortable, hearing music, and watching beautiful views for 40 hours, what you need more.
Actually it is my first trip of 40 hours in bus (the longest tripo of mine was only 10) so I am very exited, probably I will do this experience only once, next time I will take the airplane, but I wanna feel how it is like to have such a long ride, in the second floor with beautiful views.

Hope I could help you figure out how to get From Buenos Aires to El Calafate, So just choose your option 

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