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While traveling to Argentina, you may find yourself asking “What is boludo” or “ Why are we going to take the bondi”. There are many words that you will not be able to find in the dictionary when you are rapidly flipping the pages to understand the local taxi driver or a normal man walking down the street. Here is a list of 15 of the top words of Lunfardo that I find will be useful to understanding the Argentine language.

Che - This word is used informally to replace someones name. For example, “hey, dude, you”

Boludo/a - “Ball-sweller” Stupid, idiot, Used to address someone in an insulting way. Usually you will use this with friends and people you have close confidence with. Watch out with who you say it too because it is offensive and if you say it to the wrong person, watch out. “Dale, boludo!”

Bondi - A city bus used for transportation, also known as a colectivo. This word can also be used as a form addressing a fight, for example “Se arma un bondi en la calle” A fight started in the street.

Pibe/a - A general term used as a name for a guy or woman.

Chabon/a - Dude, guy or girl, woman

Tipo/a - A guy or woman

Gato - You can use this word as an insult or a name replacer just like boludo.

Piola - When something is excellent or great. “Todo piola?”

Sarpado - Comes from the word Sarpar, which means one that crosses the line or goes over the top. Use this word when someone went over the top or crossed the line!

Pendejo - This word is literally means a single pubic hair but now it is understood as a child who is immature, stupid or an idiot.

Onda - Good vibes. This word is used to describe how someone or something is. An example would be, “ Diego tiene buena onda” or “ Este tema tiene buena onda”

Bajon - When someone or something ruins the mood or is depressing.

Capo/a - A boss; You’ll find yourself using this word when describing someone when they are awesome or cool.

Groso/a - Used to describe someone who is cool or awesome just like Capo.

Quilombo- A big mess or a bad situation.

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