My Travel To Argentina

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travel argentinaI am a professional photographer and I keep travelling from one part to another part of the world to capture the best of this world in my camera. Last month, I went to Argentina and I am glad that my decision didn’t disappoint me. I am very happy with the time I spent in Argentina and same is the case with my camera.

As soon as I reached the Buenos Aires International Airport, the level of my curiosity to see the entire beauty of this city had reached its peak. After having my breakfast in my hotel, I left for my first destination. It was Teatro Colon. It is basically an opera music theatre. It has beautiful historical building. You would surely love to click some photographs of this building as I did. The experience of listening opera in this theatre was amazing. If you love opera, you should come here and even if you don’t have any interest in opera just give it a try, you would start loving it! I swear! Buenos Aires has got numerous historical places and beautiful architectural buildings. You can visit any of these as per your choice. Well, Argentina is the birthplace of Tango. You must watch at least one tango show during your tour to Argentina. I watched my Tango show in “We are Tango” and it was great experience. You would love the dance and dine. That was all with my first day in Buenos Aires. I was very happy that my tour started with a good note.

 On the second day, I visited many famous places like Obelisik of Buenos Aires which is also known as the icon of Buenos Aires and La Rocalta cemetery which is known as city of dead. In Rocalta cemetery you would find wonderful sculptures. This is the reason of it being in the top 15 tourist attractions of Buenos Aires. You must be thinking that why a person would go to a cemetery? But trust me! Once you go there, you will give it five star rating. The place is very interesting. You would love to see the creative beauty of each one.  After this, I went to Paracio Borolo. It’s a historical building and a majestic piece of architecture. It was amazing to watch Buenos Aires from the top of this building. You could see 360 degree wonderful view of the city from the top of it. There is a very interesting story of this building that you would love to know. But for that, just add this place to your list for the tour of Argentina. After that I visited Palermo. This travel argentinaplace has got many tourist spots. I chose Japanese Garden and Palermo woods. Japanese Garden is an exceptionally beautiful garden. This is world’s largest Japanese garden outside Japan. “Palermo woods” is the most famous tourist spot of Palermo. You would definitely love this place. It gives you so much peace and relaxation that can’t be described in words.

Next Day, I headed to Puerto Iguazu. I had never thought that something that spectacular could exist in the World. I visited “Garganta del Diablo” and Foz do Iguacu. You can never imagine that kind of beauty until you go there. What a magnificent view it was! Amazing! It’s only one of its kind waterfalls in the world. I bet that you will be delighted to see this beauty. It’s been one month now, but every time I close my eyes, I could see that beauty. Truly unforgettable! If you are planning a tour to Argentina, add this place to your “must visit” destinations and if you are not planning any tour to Argentina then do it now for viewing this magnificent beauty of nature. You can’t find something like this in your entire life.

Next day, I headed to Puerto Madryn. It’s a beautiful city and attracts numerous tourists. The most wonderful place of this city is Punta Tomb. I just felt in love with this place. There were thousands of Penguins and some Guanacos. I had never seen so many Penguins in my entire life. It was fascinating to walk beside them. A guide was there to check that no one harms any of the animals. But the Penguins have not such warnings. They keep walking here and there. One of the Penguins came so closer to me that I was lost in his charm. Wow! That was one of the most wonderful and fascinating moments of my life. If you are planning a tour to Argentina, do visit Punta Tomb. You would get a life time experience that you would love to cherish every day after going back to your country. You would love to capture every single moment in your camera. After having this fascinating experience, I moved to my next destination. It was El Doradillo Beach. This place is something more than amazing and wonderful. You would get to see Whales from the beach. It was literally very thrilling. I was so lost in the view that I thought I was watching Discovery Channel. I highly recommend this place to every person planning a tour to Argentina. Visit this place and feel the charisma. The adventure didn’t end here. My next stop was” Loberia De Punto Lama”. Sea Lions are the main attraction of this place. You can observe numerous sea animals from here. If you used to see these wonderful creatures on Discovery or National Geographic Channels and used to appraise their beauty, now’s the time to watch them Live. Just pack your bags and go to Argentina. I bet that you would love this place.

My next destination was Bariloche. This is one of the most beautiful cities of Argentina. Bariloche has won Travelers’ Choice Award this year. It has really got some exceptionally beautiful areas. First of all, I went to Cerro Tronador. On the way, I saw a black glacier. I haven’t seen a black glacier travel argentinaeven on Television. It was a unique experience. Simply awesome! Cerro Tronador is a must visit place in Bariloche and offers very striking hacking areas. Hiking on the mountains in Cerro Tronader was an absolutely thrilling experience. Every step you take ahead, the view of surroundings become more breathtaking and to continuously hear the sound of cracking glaciers in the background. I was literally thrilled. You can never have such type of thrilling experience anywhere around the globe. You should visit Cerro Tronador to feel the real delight of nature and life as well.

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Other great attractions of Bariloche are Circuito Chico and Cerro Oto. If you are a nature lover and want to see some incredible and breathtaking natural scenery, then visit Circuito Oto. It would be a stunning experience for you. Do take your camera along with you because you will be taking lots of pictures. Circuito Oto offers some breathtaking Lake views. You can also see the Chilean Borders from here, it is that high! This place holds a great history also. You would also love to see the fabulous Arrayanes Forests.

My journey came to an end and I had to come back to my country but I will definitely plan another tour to Argentina to discover some undiscovered part of it. I went there with a travel bag and a camera and I came back with some wonderful long-lasting memories and some breathtaking views that will always remain in my eyes.



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