Things To Do In Mendoza

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Mendoza City in Argentina is prominent because of its wine. It is a clamoring city that is nestled along the eastern side of Mount Aconcagua, the most astounding crest in the Western Hemisphere. Despite the fact that it draws its share of adventurous voyagers who are enticed by the mountain climbing, skiing, trekking and kayaking thrills which are all easily accessible from the  downtown area, the huge number of vineyards attracts more curious tourists to come and explore the city of Mendoza.


When To Go:

The months of December and January are the humid and dry months of Mendoza City, making it an extraordinary winter retreat for tourists coming in from the cold countries who experiences the coldest season from these months. Temperatures amid the summer months are around the 60s and move into the 80s. If you climb the mountains, you can see a few different ranges in day and night temperatures. Dressing in layers and thicker clothes is highly advisable.

The spring and fall season are extremely charming months and have agreeable temperatures in the 80s. Winter season occurs from June until July. You can plan your visit at whatever time of the year and pick as indicated by temperature inclination. Bring enough drinking water, wide brimmed hats, shades, cap each time you go out during the summer season.

Visit Mendoza

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Those wishing to engage into some ski and snowboarding activities ought to explore from June through October; especially around the months of July and August. Most of its outdoor exercises can truly be carried out amid all months. Those who intend to see the vineyards can likewise do so all throughout the year.

If you want to have a memorable vacation with your family, here are the places to see and things to do in the city of Mendoza:


Parque Provincial Aconcagua

The thing that is most fascinating about the Parque Provincial Aconcagua is the impressive lush green surroundings. The park is very organized with restaurants and appropriate markers. If you go on weekends or especially in the days of summer, most families there gather to spend their days eating together and enjoying the views. The lake is closed to the public and it can be accessed only by an entry fee but it's beautiful to see along with the view of the city.

Aconcagua National Park is located on the federal highway between Mendoza (Argentina) and Chile. The park entrance fee, permit (permission to enter the park) must be bought first in the center of Mendoza in the Ministry to access it fully. Options (and therefore cost) of permits are all different; there is a one-day, there are two or three days tour (with an overnight stay at the Plaza Confluence 3368 m) and access to the Plaza Francia (4200 m) from which an excellent view of the top of Aconcagua can be admired; there is also an access to the Plaza de Mulas (Base mountaineering camp at an altitude of 4200 m - true transition to a long 22 km, approximately 8 hours) but you have to climb to the top.

Parque Provincial Aconcagua

All this applies to the route through the valley of Laguna de Horkones. There are also permits that you need to secure if you want to go through the Laguna de Vakes. Mendoza from the entrance to the park is 5-6 hours by car and near the entrance to the park is an interesting geological historic site called the Puente del Inca (Inca Bridge) - a natural formation.

Mendoza is one and a half hour flight from Buenos Aires. From here you can begin the path to one of the highest peaks in South America – the Mount Aconcagua. Mendoza itself is a quiet provincial town, which has a beautiful park with a large lake. The mountain height reaches nearly 7,000 meters making it part of the 7 highest peaks of the world. It is a beautiful mountain park. If you wish to climb this mountain, it is better to organize it with a professional mountain guide because this mountain takes several lives each year and most are climbers. You need to prepare for a mountain that is so high where climbers feel the manifestations of altitude sickness the higher they assault its summit. After climbing, you can spend time in the city of Mendoza in a cozy cafe with a glass of Argentine wine.


The Way of 365 Curves

If you're near Mendoza you really should make the trip to The Way of 365 Curves and plan it a day ahead. The tour begins at the Las Heras / Mendoza on route 52 to Villavicencio and the rest is a self-guided tour to a truly breathtaking trip on narrow roads of 3,100 meters every time with new views. Take a packed lunch and drink and go sit somewhere along the way to enjoy an hour or two to admire the place and its features. It is a beautiful route with sublime views and it’s a surprising reward in the mountains after a long drive from the winding road.

The Way of  365 Curves

On the road there is no trade infrastructure so it is highly advisable that you prepare a day before by bringing water, snacks, and even a sweater. For up high, it is windy enough. You can stop at various points to look back or look down on how the serpentine road looks; very picturesque and with a simple car ride you can find that it is one of the exciting things to do in Mendoza City. The scenery is breathtaking; the road is well paved and an attraction that you must not miss while you’re in Argentina.


Parque General San Martin

The Parque General San Martin is one of the most beautiful parks of Mendoza that is full of greenery, with a lake and places to eat. In fact you can spend whole day in the green and have fun in the various clubs present. It is also in this park where you can find one of the most important monuments of the city about the Cerro war (The Cerro of Glory). It is a truly stunning park that was reclaimed from the desert oasis with trees of different species. Get ready for a long walk, or it can be visited easily by taking the tourist bus in Plaza Independencia to take you up to the Cerro de la Gloria in a path of wondrous landscapes.

Parque General San Martin

This Parque is a must visit if you are in Mendoza. The park is very large, popular, and almost in the center of the city. On Sundays it is frequented by families going to picnics and taking a hike. There is a pond with ducks etc. and many small bars where you can sip a cool aperitif. It is very easy to get there; you can take a bus that leaves from the center of the park. It costs $25 and takes you up to the Hill of Glory.


The Hill of Glory (Cerro de la Gloria)

The Hill of Glory or the Cerro de la Gloria provides the most beautiful views of the city and the "Greek Theatre". The monument shows the history of the rebellion against the Spanish in Mendoza. It is definitely recommended for those who love history and especially that of Argentina. The hill has an interesting monument that can push a pleasant historical study about the struggles for independence and the early years of this nation. You can see many people climbing on foot or by bike. Admission is free and no need to book a tour for that, unless there is limited mobility.

The Hill of Glory

The view is stunning from this point and everyone can take pictures beside the impressive monument. It is also a place of honor for the independence of several countries. To reach the attraction, you must go up inside the San Martin Park. It is a very high point in the city where a monument to the conquerors was established. Bring a good camera and enjoy the view of the entire city and its surrounding mountains.


Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc

What a great idea to create this project in Mendoza, the Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc is perfect and very functional, well-equipped and great, but the area where it is not accompanied by the development seems abandoned. However, it is accessible to all and this cultural center was made for everyone and amid a popular neighborhood that is always filled with permanent exhibition and various activities. It is not one of the main attractions of Mendoza but it really is a new place that has a particular architecture that is very nice and there are always programs to enjoy.

Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc

One can find art shows, musicals or plays, and games. It has everything and it is easily accessible because there are several lines of buses that will help bring you here form the city center. It is a beautiful place for walking and is well signposted. It has rooms for exhibitions and performances and the works of Mendoza artists are proudly exhibited here. The site is quite interesting and has good samples of modern art. It is an excellent alternative to more traditional rides like the wineries. This cultural center is not intended for mass events, it has a convenient access and a design that includes works by the artist that gives its name to the space.


Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Lourdes

The Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Lourdes is huge with a stunning architecture. It has a souvenir shop with items that come in an affordable price. You can book a minimum of two hours for visitation. It makes great photos, has a unique structure and certainly worth a visit while in Mendoza. The church is near the park where you can visit two other churches: a small, ancient and modern one. In the ancient church, you can climb behind the altar where several people put small plates in appreciation of granted requests.

Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Lourdes

It is a place of faith but also of great landscape and architectural quality. The parish is very different and the image of Our Lady of Lourdes calls so much attention. It is advisable to attend the Holy Service every Sunday to see how strong the devotion of the people of Mendoza is. You will feel great after a visit to this sacred place.


Laguna de la Nina Encantada

The Laguna de la Nina Encantada is a truly enchanted place nestled amidst the Cordillera de Los Andes. If you go to Las Lenas, Malargue or Los Molles it is not to be missed. Admission is very inexpensive and really worth it. The friendliness of the staff is impressive and it shows how much they love their work. The duration of the entire tour is not more than half an hour but you can pause for more time to admire the scenery and enjoy the lake, admire a huge rainbow trout, or take plenty of photos.

Laguna de la Nina Encantada

The place is very caring and of international standard.  It has a lot of markers without invading the landscape but omitting any indication (bilingual Spanish-English). The lagoon also has adequate facilities. Take note that there are Photopoint at all sites of interest or viewpoints to take pictures in automatic so that you or your entire group will not be left out without anyone taking the picture (not all visitors notice them and walk around asking others to take their photos). It is the perfect example of a gift made by nature. It is a place with a simple but fulfilling infrastructure as little income is charged and has a proper bathroom. The lake is beautiful, calm, and a place of peace. The view of the bridge is likewise interesting. The enchanting lagoon is a haven of peace in the mountains, a small lagoon that shelters a legend with a natural frame of its landscape that is blessed with intense colors that is very suitable for photography.


Potrerillos Dam

The Potrerillos Dam is a very beautiful place for those who like to get into the water. It is a little cold but offers the best experience.  The water is clear and turquoise stones are seen in the background, plus it has a nice little beach.  The dam is a bit far from the city, but the view of the dam is excellent and perfect for spending the day to eat some sandwiches and stay in the "arena" all afternoon to go with friends or family. It is the reservoir of Rio Mendoza. It was built many years ago to accumulate the water that supplies the city.

Potrerillos Dam

The dam currently holds little water and the water emergency levels are noted daily. It is a majestic place that is surrounded by a route that is built on its banks and from where you can see the dam in its entirety. The scenery is great, the colors of the lake (although a bit empty during summer season) in contrast to the mountains are stunning. But the area is badly signposted, many bad roads, the lake downhill is very poorly marked, no shadows, and few services. If you're going to do some water sports, the visit will be brief and expendable.


Terraza Mirador

From the balcony of the Terraza Mirador you will have a general view of the city and mountains as the background, it is really cute. The guide is very friendly and reports on the various points of interest that you can find in Mendoza. In this place there are free wine tastings and live music bands that play the bossa nova, tango, and boleros.

Terraza Mirador

The organized tour to see the panoramic view is the main attraction and accompanied by a glass of wine, it turns so much better. One tip, get there early to get tickets because a quota or number of people allowed to visit is set. On the website of the city of Mendoza, they always publish the agenda and schedule of activities in the viewing deck. Be sure to check it out first before planning a visit.


Ampora Wine Tours

At the Ampora Wine Tours, everything is perfect. The agency staff is friendly, professional, and well disposed. The amiable host and guides are ready to answer all your queries regarding the process of how wine-making is done. You will have an amazing day visiting the various wineries with incredible landscapes in the Valle de Uco. There are excellent wineries visited with wines of great level that you can freely taste. The guide shows great knowledge and professionalism in their performance during the tour. Do not miss this exquisite wine tour experience if you’re in the city of Mendoza. This tour is 100% recommended.

Ampora Wine Tours

Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina, where you can taste hundreds of wines, including the famous purple colored Malbec grapes. In this city, there is no fuss and no one is in a hurry. Even in the morning, everything goes slowly you can walk to the nearby cafe to have a cup of coffee and browse the morning paper. And at dusk, after a tour of the key points of interest of the city you can sit in a cafe and watch the streets of people go slowly. It is an ideal city where you can lead and live a simple life even for a while or just to get away from the eternal bustle of the fast paced hurried lives. 

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