Things To Do In Puerto Madryn

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The passage to Peninsula Valdés, Puerto Madryn clamors with tourism and industry. It holds a couple of residential area touches: the radio reports lost pooches, and local people are inviting and unhurried. With summer temperatures coordinating those of Buenos Aires, Madryn stands its ground as a humble shoreline destination, however from June to mid-December the meeting right whales take focal point of the audience. From July to September, these moving whales come so close they can be seen without taking a visit – either from the coast 20km north of town or from the town dock.

Puerto Madryn

The sprawling city is the second-biggest angling port in the nation and home to Aluar, Argentina's first aluminum plant, implicit 1974. A shielded port confronting Golfo Nuevo, Puerto Madryn was established by Welsh pilgrims in 1886. Statues of migrants and Teheulche along the shoreline pay tribute to its history. The Universidad de la Patagonia is known for its sea life science division, and environmental focuses advance protection and training.

Puerto Madryn is ensured by the Golfo Nuevo, which is structured by the Península Valdés and the Punta Ninfas. It is a vital place for visitors going by the common attractions of the Península Valdés and the coast.

Visit Puerto Madryn

Another shopping center in the downtown area has helped tourism essentially, making Puerto Madryn a more alluring spot for both global and local vacationers going to Patagonia. It is twinned with Nefyn, a residential community on the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales, the consequence of its continuing connection with Welsh society since the Welsh settlement in Argentina. The principal of a two-Test visit to Argentina by the Wales national rugby union group was played in 2006 in Puerto Madryn, a 27–25 win for Argentina. Puerto Madryn is home to two football clubs; Club Social y Atlético Guillermo Brown, who play in Nacional B and Deportivo Madryn that as of now play in Torneo Argentino B.

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When to go

In summer it is hot amid the day, it can achieve 40 º C, however constantly cool around evening time. Winter temperatures are low however there is no snow.

Note that in Puerto Madryn scope the ozone layer starts to get more slender, hence its defensive impacts are lower and sun harm may happen. Bear in mind your shades and satisfactory sunscreen.

Visit Puerto Madryn

The best time to go to Puerto Madryn truly relies on upon what sorts of creatures you need to see. There is an alternate high season for diverse creatures, the primary high season is between is September through February and the best time being around the month of November. In late November you can see an incredible mix of creatures.

Best time to see the (Orcas) Killer Whales is in the month of September and the October (June between mid of the December)

Best time to see the Southern Right Whale is in September and the October (June between mid of the Dec)

Best time to see Penguins is toward the end of the month of November. The chicks are best seen in month of late December:


Punta Tombo

This is a novel place on the planet to see the infant penguins. So exceptional to watch the Magelan Pinguins. They take a gander at you and you feel exceptionally unique to be acknowledged. Territory is decently sorted out and secured. The Punta Tombo ought to be the primary spot to the extension to see the Penguins. It's the greatest state ever and they are all around. You can watch them close and see what's they everyday life about. Very place simple access.

Punta Tombo

You will be advised to expect "a considerable measure" of penguins. What a modest representation of the truth. You will at first see a few penguins along the walkway. Then when you will reach to the peak of the slope, and goodness, the penguins you see will be ahead the extent that the eye could see. You will be enlightened to see 800,000 - 1,000,000 penguins there. There are such a large number of charming children and grown-ups.

Punta Tombo

They will be all around. As you stroll along the walkway, they will walk directly before you. The walkway inevitably prompts a picturesque neglect. Watch the penguins strolling down to the water and trying for a swim. It will be so charming to see the greater children playing around at the edge of the water.


El Doradillo Beach

El Doradillo Beach is not to be missed. The whales are inside a couple of hundred kilometers of the shoreline.( They appear to be much closer ). The whales are very dynamic amid high tide. The nightfall is additionally tremendous. This shoreline is exceptionally decent!

Sand is fine and clean. You will discover bunches of ocean shells and corals on the shore. Shoreline itself is clean out there. In the event that are there amid the whale season you can see them from the shoreline.

El Doradillo Beach

You get to the shoreline by Rock Street from Puerto Madryn. It is on the greater part of the maps that you get from inns or you can ask a neighborhood. They know. In the event that you arrive at that point when the tide is climbing amid the whale season, you will presumably have the opportunity to see numerous whales at a separation of 10-20 meters ! This region furnishes you with the absolute best choice to see and very nearly cooperate with these huge and increadible creatures.

El Doradillo Beach

Before you go: IMPORTANT - ask at the neighborhood Tourist Information when the high tide is available and after that go there a little before and stay until you see the out on the whales. You may see singles, bunches, mums with calf’s, and so on and even their mating and all that in a separation fewer than 30 meters from the shore..!!

Wear garments which can oppose the wind and as it is icy then loads of material underneath, boots, and all the rest you would put on in the event that you needed to leave your home amid winter with snow!!


Arrieros Patagonicos

Luis is the best guide ever! He doesn't talk English however it doesn't generally make a difference, the most imperative is the vibe of trip. You can feel he is exceptionally kind, adores the creatures and appreciates what he is doing. Furthermore, he takes astonishing pictures!

Arrieros Patagonicos

Arrieros Patagonicos is great as you go to both the org and the combo with Cesar Luis and you recount the account of the spot so you appreciate it twice

Arrieros Patagonicos

Superb consideration! Luis guarantees that each visit is flawless, is much you appreciate their work and looks for note that sightseers comprehend the nature around us and we esteem. Profoundly suggested!


Puerto Madryn Dolphin & whale observing

Puerto Piramides Whale Watching Tour

Visit the Puerto Piramides Whale Watching Tour with southern soul. Past the point of no return in season for yellow submarine however excited to see whales. Exceptionally enthusiastic and knowledgeable about whales. It will be Stunning to see "children" nursing and playing. Must do!

Puerto Madryn Dolphin & whale observing  Puerto Piramides Whale Watching Tour

In outline, seeing the whales is pleasant, however take a gander at the water and climate and judge for yourself on the off chance that you will appreciate it furthermore decide for yourself how much the vessel is moving and whether you will need to venture on the unsecured survey stage. That day the visit ought to have been wiped out and cash discounted by the visit organization.


Proyecto Iris

Brilliant care and administration, neighborly!! The experience of cruising near to the dolphins is super amazing!!! Much regard for nature, the earth, creatures, you will be truly satisfied

Proyecto Iris

Visiting to Proyecto Iris will be an extremely decent ride, viewing dolphins, ocean lions and tremendous wreck.

The staff on board shows polished skill and warmth. As a reward, you may see a few See whales!!! The dolphin viewing is an excellent experience, don't miss it.

Proyecto Iris

On the off chance that climate issues the yield is suspended sneak in time, cordial Captain and the fellows who are ready. When they see dolphins are skimming for some time searching for some shore. Great experience dolphin viewing and particularly the great inclination of Federico Guide.


Estancia San Lorenzo, Pinguins Land

Estancia San Lorenzo will be one of our most loved penguin destinations (second to Volunteer Point in the Falklands). Penguins will be all around. You will be astonished at how close you could become acquainted with sublime winged animals. They are brave from people. Visit the settling zone and shorelines for 60 minutes prior to have a flavorful, tasty lunch at the farm house. Cherish the sheep BBQ, empanadas and Malbec.

Estancia San Lorenzo, Pinguins Land

Estancia San Lorenzo, Pinguins Land, around 160 km from Puerto Madryn covers province of Magellanic penguins. The precipices and shoreline with the penguins are a short commute from the primary house. There you will be among a great many penguins with the chance to stroll to the shoreline where penguins enter and leave the water. The restaurant at the Estancia has remarkable grilled sheep presented with ham, frankfurters and scrumptious greens fixings. Great Argentinian wine is abundant. This is a "can't miss" put in the Valdés Peninsula

This is a sublime spot from various perspectives, giving you're not looking to a completely guided visit. The visit is for the most part self-guided with clear walkways and signage. There is a region near to the shoreline that is reserved so you won't be joining the penguins in the surf, however else you'll be up close and individual with the fowls.

Estancia San Lorenzo, Pinguins Land

These are Magellenic Penguins, a little statured mixture (they're around 2 feet/65cm tall) that are impeccably at home with constrained human cooperation. Contingent upon the time of year, the penguins are in different phases of shedding and rearing and this is one territory where an aide does help: the penguin life cycle, and the exchanging consideration giving and angling parts of the grown-ups merits some clarification, so read up before you go. Additionally be mindful that large portions of the ways are rock and not suitable for wheelchairs.

You'll additionally see other untamed life adjacent - positively a lot of Guanaco, a kind of llama, on your drive out. This is a glorious fascination, and don't miss a chance for lunch at the Estancia - the sustenance there is great.



The Ecocentro spot is radiant particularly on a hot sunny day - its pleasant and cool inside the gallery, the building is wonderful and the perspective on the ocean is extremely photogenic., it will be a pleasant amazement to listen to whale's tunes and really feel them (spoiler: in the room with square sofas -, don't simply sit just enjoy).


The historical center is little however makes for an exceptionally average and invigorating evening or morning, level out of the whale review season. In the season they say whales can be spotted from the historical center's perspective!


Inside there are a bunches of information about the region & the marine untamed life

The staff is exceptionally useful & inviting & you will be sufficiently fortunate to visit on a day when there will be few individuals.


Loberia de Punta Loma 

The Loberia de Punta Loma is around 20 min drive from Puerto Madryn. Without a doubt worth a visit.Make certain to be there with the low tide (check an online tide graph) or else you won't see any ocean lion.

Loberia de Punta Loma

The spot is decent and you touch base after a short commute from Puerto Madryn (most is unpaved street). The extra charge is sensible (30 pesos for inhabitants) and the toilets are clean and decently kept up. The officers are benevolent and educated and the short trail has data on the employments of indigenous plants.

Loberia de Punta Loma

The review stage is extraordinary for viewing the ocean lion state and the rock shags. You will be extremely glad that you went there, you will be delighted in procuring a bicycle to arrive at that point however the street can be sandy and has some long enduring slopes both on the route there and back.


Puerto Madryn Scuba & snorkeling

Scuba Duba

They give ALL vital gear, including overwhelming wetsuits. Everything you need is a swimsuit or clothing, alongside a towel. The imperative thing to acknowledge is THIS IS NOT TROPICAL DIVING/SNORKELING. The water is icy and the overwhelming wetsuits are awkward.

Puerto Madryn Scuba & snorkeling   Scuba Duba

There will be sufficient staff for your little gathering, with almost two dive masters with the jumpers under the water and an alternate at first glance with the snorkelers, alongside a skipper that stayed on the watercraft. You will be inspired with their accentuation on wellbeing. Once in the water you can have fun loving ocean lions surrounding by you, particularly the jumpers. Ocean lions will be all around you, well inside arm's achieve, and actually nipping at your balances and arms. They will really take your hand/arm in their mouth, however not gnawing, kind of like playing with a puppy pooch.

Puerto Madryn Scuba & snorkeling   Scuba Duba

The connection with the ocean lions at the surface was not about in the same class as with the jumpers they could see beneath them. Thusly, in the event that you are guaranteed, and then choose the scuba, it is just a couple of dollars more. In outline awesome outfit, incredible staff, and extraordinary experience which you can have at the Scuba Duba.


Water brandishes in Puerto Madryn

Lobo Larsen

Swimming with Sea Lions is something not to be missed in Puerto Madryn. Also, with Lobo Larsen, they make in Excellency, Francisco the ensured jumping teacher is incredible! They Talks familiar English with first class direction.

Water brandishes in Puerto Madryn  Lobo Larsen

In Puerto Madryn you have a million separate alternatives for all that you need to do, yet for jumping/snorkeling, you should go here. Everyone over here is super amicable, interesting and supportive. They talk immaculate Spanish and English, and even they have manuals in French for if required. Snorkeling is stunning, you will be encompassed by lovable little ocean lions.

Water brandishes in Puerto Madryn   Lobo Larsen

They likewise offer a dry suit for some more, which you can get for snorkeling and it will be truly warm and comfortable. You will be having nothing awful to say, extraordinary employment Lobo Larse


 Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum

This noteworthy trader's home has been changed over into a most fascinating exhibition hall of "man and the ocean". Skeletons of Caperea Marginata and Calamar Gigantica are the highlights yet numerous all the more exceptionally fascinating examples.

Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum

Verify you have enough time to hang easy and take in the perspectives from the perception tower! Bunches of fascinating actualities about all the natural life around the zone and it’s in English at the Natural Science and Oceanographic Museum!


 The city of Puerto Madryn is in the north east of Chubut Province in the Patagonia district of Argentina on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo, an expansive, profound water narrows of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is a well known summer destination on account of its excellent shorelines - in spite of the fact that the water can be exceptionally frosty and the wind noteworthy. The current populace is evaluated between 60,500 to 70,000 and the city has been developing quickly in the most recent few years because of the growing tourism industry, angling and Aluar-the aluminum refinery. 

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