Things To Do In Rosario

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Rosario is the origin of the Argentinan flag, the hometown of "Che" Guevara, and an important waterway port. The forsaken structures of the stretched riverbank have been transformed and lined with museums, art galleries, recreational parks, and fine dining places. In summer, the river and the beaches become more vibrant and teem with vacationers from all over the world. The city center is a hodgepodge of dazzling twentieth-century structures dominated by typical condos. The Rosarinos (locals of Rosario) are hospitable, practical, and a joy to meet and interact with. Everyone is extremely excited about their hometown pride: Lionel Messi, the brilliant sportsman of World Football. 


Rosario is one of the largest cities in Argentina. It is a progressive city situated along the bow of the Parana River about 186 miles from the capital city of Buenos Aires. Rent a kayak and take a journey to see the best river vistas or hit the downtown area that is clamoring with discos, cinemas, big shopping complex, bars and parks that are famous with cyclists. A national landmark on the riverbank respects the city's memorable part as the site where the Argentine banner was first unfurled and shown to the public.

When To Go:

The best time to visit the urban water world of Rosario, Argentina is during the cold months of July up to the second week of August the so-called humid month. Rosario is generally hotter than other Argentinean urban areas, even in the winter season. It has a microclimate known as ‘urban heat’ implying that the city is a bit hotter than its encompassing regions.

Visit Rosario

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The temperature difference normally is greater during the evening rather than during the day. It is even larger in winter than in summer and is most obvious when winds are light. Be that as it may, snowfalls are uncommon. Generally, the hottest months last from December to the last weeks of February. The stormy season and most rains are also felt during these months, and the downpour season continues until March.

These are the not to be missed attractions and the things to do in the city of Rosario…


Monumento a la Bandera (Flag Monument)

The Monumento a la Bandera (Flag Monument) portrays a high tower sitting on a fountain with mythological figures and the wonders of antiquity. Set your eyes on the riverside and see everything in bloom as well as a view of the green gardens settled on the Parana River. At night, the great marble staircase leading to the tower and the pools of water is lit and turn into a unique spectacle. After visiting the open monument, the official symbol of the city, take a walk on the riverside. After a while, you will also find a bar where it is nice to grab a bottle of Quilmes (a local beer) or eat a Lomito (Argentina's steak sandwich).

Monumento a la Bandera

The Monument is the most important historic building and symbolic of Rosario City because it is dedicated to the Argentine flag. It is a complex consisting of a climbable tower, and a structure with columns, fountains, statues, a brazier with a flame that is always lit in memory of the fallen. The monument looks beautiful and evocative. It is well worth the climb (there is an elevator and it costs very little) to admire an incredible view of the Parana River and the city. Additionally there is also a museum with flags of several countries of the world, especially those in the Americas. Entrance to the adjacent museum is free.


Parque Nacional a la Bandera

The Parque Nacional a la Bandera is part of the Paraná River waterfront; it is urbanized with highways and lots of green space for walking. The parks are best visited from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm; they close at 17:00 pm. It is a breathtaking place, where you can find a story of class, architecture and consciousness. The Parque is extremely clean, organized, and valued by the local population- who help maintain its cleanliness and maintenance. 

Parque Nacional a la Bandera

It's worth going because it is so gorgeous and organized. Below the monument is a museum of American flags. It is one of the most beloved sights of Rosario and is considered an important milestone in the history of the city of Rosario.  The entire complex includes trips on the river, and the panoramic chairlift ride. Do not forget to bring coins to put in the scopes.


Museo de Arte Decorativo Firma y Odilo Estevez

Located in the center of Rosario, within the Cathedral Square is a beautiful building built in the year 700. The Museo de Arte Decorativo Firma y Odilo Estevez is a museum found on the main floor. Here you will find a late nineteenth-century European atmosphere. It is owned by the wealthy Estevez family, whose exquisite taste comes out in the quality of the furnishings. The furniture, as well as the entire context of the museum, are in superb condition and some are copies of the original French design.  You can see brass inlays, tortoise shell and mother of pearl artifacts that were directly brought from Europe. The rock crystals and porcelain were brought in from Germany and France.

Museo de Arte Decorativo Firma y Odilo Estevez

The beautiful aesthetic triumphs in the various halls in Louis XVI style with coffered ceilings that are carved and gilded. There is an impressive collection of ivories and Eastern European vases, but one of the best items on display are located in the coin cabinet located in the atrium. It is well worth the visit because of the architecture, but even more due to the rich culture of the family. It is indeed a gem that has been made available to the city of Rosario. Although it is small, it does an excellent job of teaching visitors about the origins of Rosario.  It is a well-preserved pleasure for anyone to visit.


Teatro El Circulo

The Teatro El Circulo in Rosario is a major opera house providing a cultural activity for the city. Opened in 1904, it is one of the most beautiful and original buildings to be found in the city. There are guided tours that allow you to discover its hidden corners and admire the fantastic foyer. The theater is full of history and has excellent views from every seat. There is also excellent sound produced by its beautifully restored audio system. Nearby you will find small bars where you can enjoy a meal at the end of a performance. For art lovers, fans or just curious visitors, the theater is an excellent choice after visiting the Parque and the museums of Rosario City.

Teatro El Circulo

The Teatro El Circulo offers guided tours that are worth the time and money. Do not forget to see the majestic stairs and doors with hardware. If you're in Rosario, be sure to visit. It is beautiful and was restored a few years ago to a place where you can delight in a good opera. The interior is majestic, and the presentation of works, are world class. They practically define a city that loves art, culture, and music in whatever form it manifests.


La Isla de los Inventos

The La Isla de los Inventos is an excellent place where kids learn more by playing. Here children learn while the whole family finds interesting and new things to discover. The island of inventions is a fun place to spend an afternoon with the kids, where they can learn and laugh as they explore. It is one of many investments by the city designed for children. Here, you will find lots of recreational games that teach kids to think, as well as art workshops to inspire and hone their creativity. It is conveniently located in the "green heart" or central part of the coastal city.

La Isla de los Inventos

This attraction is highly recommended for kids so that they can spend a day playing with traditional and educational games. The island of inventions is one of the three main places dedicated to children in Rosario. For young ones, it is an experience that will be unforgettable.


Museo de los Niño’s

The Museo de los Niño’s is located in the shopping center of Alto Rosario and is another ideal place for children. It is a child-sized reconstruction of a city, complete with a bank, supermarket, hospital, and fast food. Children may imitate what adults normally do such as shopping, going to the bank, and they can have lots of fun while doing so. There is also the television studio where children can pretend to be a reporter or cameramen or even perform in small shows while everyone sings and dances. There's even a radio studio where they can pretend to be a disc jockey or be interviewed by one, and an airport (with the control tower, the tape of the suitcases, etc.), featuring a plane they can climb on.

Museo de los Nino's

The fun doesn’t stop there; there's a ship kids can dive from, (into a sea of balls of course). Everything here is designed to be both fun and safe. It is an environment that is both unusual and colorful - a real paradise for children. Families with children will love the mini-city where everything is recreated for the enjoyment of the children, scaled to their size, and allowing them to play from the moment they arrive until the very moment they leave.


Catedral Basilica Sanctuario

The Catedral Basilica Sanctuario is a historical site that is also the most revered church in Rosario. It features the image of the patron saint Virgen del Rosario and still carries its original crown. It is a relatively large temple with several icon collections, an altar and a bright and spacious chancel.

Catedral Basilica Sanctuario

The cathedral is located in central Rosario, opposite the plaza. Its lovely altar and stained glass windows are enjoyed by most guests. The ceremonies are solemn and respectful of the antiquity of this church - even if it’s in the heart of a busy city.


Parque Independencia

The Parque Independencia is a memorable park in Rosario where you can take a very long walk. It is a huge park that includes a lake with paddleboats. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Newell's Old Boys stadium, a major team in Argentina. The stadium is on the grounds of the park and it’s free to enter if a match isn’t going on. The park is enormous and generally well kept. For decades, it grew large selections of flowers that locals love to enjoy. This park is ideal for a romantic evening or a fun family afternoon and being so large it opens up a range of possibilities for any activity – it only depends on what you want to do.

Parque Independencia

Every Saturday night the Quinciañeras take photos for their albums, an un-missable local show that is amusing both for its color and its variety. It is also a popular place in summer when families to put together a picnic for dinner by the lake, bringing sandwiches or packed lunches for the family to enjoy while admiring the magnificent landscape and scenery. It is a gorgeous place to go with kids, especially on weekends when many streets are closed to traffic and bicycles can be rented.


Parque de Espana

The Parque de Espana is a striking place to be active and spend the afternoon outdoors. It has a playground where kids and adults can play or ride roller skates. It is ideal to go here on Sundays when many people congregate. It is an easy to find  park that has one of the best views of the River Parana. The park has a relaxing atmosphere for and ample parking spaces. There is also a promenade area where you can fully admire the sights and sounds of the city.

Parque de Espana

The park is located near the coastal area along the row of restaurants. It also offers a number of interesting attractions, such as the Astronomical Observatory, the Amphitheater, and the old station which houses a restaurant, cafeteria and other things of general interest. Be sure to visit this site when you’re in Rosario.


La Florida

From the La Florida Rosario, you can see the bridge of Rosario / Victoria that joins the two banks of the Parana. The opposite shore of Victoria is about 60km away. On La Florida you can walk  and enjoy one of several restaurants and you can also take a boat to go to the islands that are located on the opposite side or pass a couple of hours drinking something at its bar.

La Florida

In the summer season, you can dive or swim through the channels, but not on the main branch of the river as the water is brown and the currents are strong. It is a lovely sandy beach and a pleasant river with not many people and lots of good cafes.


Rosario-Victoria Bridge

For 50 km the road is raised and from the platform of the Rosario-Victoria Bridge (to the left and right) you can see a vast delta with small islands which some locals say move according to the rains. This is a paradise of otters and carpinchos. You can see the sun go down and the huge expanse of water change from red to yellow, until when it’s almost dark where the water looks like iced milk. You’ll also see wooden shacks and the occasional horses and cows.

The bridge seems like a surreal landscape from the pit of freezing water. At night, you must see this iron bridge and admire the lights that shine over Rosario. From the bridge, you can enjoy the grandiosity of the river and countless islands that encompass the big city. If you arrived in Victoria on a bright day, you'd have a beautiful view of Rosario from the other side.

Victoria Bridge

Get to know Rosario for the significant role it has played in Argentina’s history but also for its untiring effort to create attractions that have the best safety, security, and cleanliness. There is a great variety of sights to admire and the passion for life and love for nature is clearly evident in every corner of the city and for every Rosarino. If you are in Argentina, making a quick side trip to this fabulous and historic city is definitely worth all the time and effort.

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