Armenia: Ancient Land As A Travel Destination

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Popular Reasons for Visiting Armenia:

  • Armenia is an ancient country known since the days of Shumer and Akkad.


  • The first country which adopted Christianity as state religion.


  • The symbol of Armenia - Mount Ararat, where Noah's Ark found a shelter Though Ararat is located on the territory of Historic Armenia (modern Turkey), witnesses insist that it is beautiful just on the Armenian side.


  • Ancient temples, churches, khachkars(cross-stones), beautiful nature: proudly-standing mountain, mountain lakes, broad plains, thick forests and flowering meadows.


  • On the territory of Armenia there is the only one in the CIS pagan temple of Garni, the observatory Karahunge(Zorats Qarer), which is for 3000 years older than it's brother of Stonehenge in England, many objects belong in to the UNESCO World Heritage List and much more.


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  • Armenia is visited the year round. In the summer mostly are visited such resort, as Sevan (blue-eyed wonder of Armenia), Tsahkadzor, Jermouk, Aghveran, Yerevan. In winter- ski resorts and Tsaghkadzor Jermuk (also SPA resort) And in the fall and spring-all of the above + beautiful capital of Armenia - Yerevan (pink city).


  • Rapidly developing infrastructure. Already Armenia proudly offers a good service for reasonable prices.


  • A wide range of services, development of tours of any complexity, the benefits of the hotels up to 40%, own car park, flexible price policy, operational assistance for all situations, confirmation of minutes.

the reasons are more..just visit Armenia!


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Armenia is truly beautiful; visit it. I liked the information shared by you. bigtup

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Yeah this is awesmone ...

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