Asian Most Economical Cities

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Asia is such a vast continent that is why it is no wonder that it has the best of both ends when it comes to travelling. There are cities like Hong Kong and Singapore which are at the high end when it comes to traveling while many cities in the Southeast of the Country are among the cheapest. Whether it is in terms of accommodation, feeding or traveling from one city to another, these cheap cities have a lot to offer. They are especially good for those who are hoping to travel on a budget. The top five economical cities in Asia are listed below.



Although Nepal is going through a crisis right now with the earthquake that has claimed several lives and the numbers are still mounting, it has one of the cheapest cities to travel to. While most people will go to Nepal and end in Kathmandu, there is not much to see there. The site attractions are very few and can be covered in a day. For a more interesting holiday, Phokara is a better city to visit. it is is cheap in terms of living cost, and you have the added advantage of finding more to see. You can take guided tours to the mountain. However, these can be relatively expensive. Some people prefer to have a tour around the city itself.

Hanoi, Vietnam


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This is the cheapest city to go to in Vietnam. Apart from the los cost of living, you get to enjoy a mix of French colonialism and the post communism era in Asia. Accommodation is cheap and the food is not only cheap but good. You can sit with the locals in one of the many cafes found around the city.

Ho Chi Mihn City Vietnam

ho chi minh city

This is another Vietnamese city that makes the list of cheapest destinations in Asia. The city which is popularly called Saigon is more modern than Hanoi and offers travelers much more to see. Although the prices for accommodation and feeding tend to be higher when compared to other cities in the Country, they are quite cheap by world standards. You can also enjoy the busy nightlife with the very friendly locals.

Goa, India


Travelling to India has always been a great bargain but only if you decide to avoid the huge cities. Goa is not exactly a city but a state with a collection of islands. These beach towns and the inland towns have a history of having a love for hippie and electronic music. Don’t be surprised to find that not all of Goa is cheap but the god news is that travelers can always find something to suit their budget.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital city of Nepal is a busy place and if you can forget about the earthquake that just took place, it has a lot of things for travelers to do. Although most people use it as a transit city when they are going to other trekking towns it is a very fascinating city. When compared to other places, it is a relatively cheap place to be.

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