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Five Entertainment Cities In Asia

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There are many people who love Asia not only because of the many shopping experiences but also because of the vibrant nightlife. Asia is alive night and day and many people who go there are sure to find some fun activity that will keep them really busy. When it comes to nightlife, everywhere in Asia is a haven for nightlife. From night clubs to restaurants and bars, you can have all you want. Asia has many things to entertain its guest and to get the most of it, visit the following five cities.

Seoul, Korea


Apart from shopping high end, there is much to keep you entertained in this South Korean Capital as the night approaches. There are many high end areas where expatriates go to relax such as in Itaewon. You can find nice restaurants for fine dining and you may even be able to smoke the hookah pipe and listen to live music. Other parts of the city with vibrant nightlife include the University area where thousands throng to the bars to have a drink and while the night away.

Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam

ho chi minh city

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This city has earned the name of the crazy city and its nightlife is not far from this description. There are many palaces around the city where you can go to get a drink. If you want to mix with the locals, you are sure to find very interesting venues to do so only you may be amazed by the crowd that will greet you even late in the night.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

If you go to Asia and don’t go to Bangkok then you really have to go back and experience this wonderful city. It is not only beautiful by day; it is also beautiful by night. Many who have been to Bangkok will find it hard to forget very quickly its vibrant nightlife. If you are daring you will find bars with sex shows that will; leave you wondering by the time the night is gone how you found yourself there. Nana Plaza are where you will find these bars offering sex shows to their guests. If you want a place that never sleeps, then you have to head to Khao San road.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

This is the right city when you want to stay away from the common man’s idea of nightlife and enjoy some really luxurious night activities. Money speaks in this city and you can see it even in the nightlife where billionaires and millionaires are ready to spend their cash freely at the very expensive bars, restaurants and night clubs.



Ever since this city came into the limelight, it has become the center of everything in Asia from money to high rise buildings and now nightlife. Life is good in Singapore and the people know how to while the time away. This is not the place to go to if you are on a budget. Sorry, you may have to look to other places like cities in Thailand. In Singapore, money speaks.


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