Five Stunning Wonderlands In Asia

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What do we know about Asia besides the Great  Chinese Wall, sushi and rice noodles? Honestly Asia is a unique land. People travel here to explore something new and different. Globalisation had not yet reached all the corners of asian countries and in it’s hidden wonderlands one can explore asian unique beauty and wisdom. Asia with it’s mysterious culture and traditions has so much to discover. Biggest part of Earth’s population live here, biggest amount of products is being produced here.Isn’t it amazing? Let’s have a look at five stunning wonderlands in Asia:


Ko Phi Phi and Krabi Province, Thailand

 Ko Phi Phi and Krabi Province, Thailand

Krabi province and Ko Phi Phi ( island) gained it’s popularity among tourist after the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio playing main role. The beauty of local beaches is truly breathtaking. It is said that the cleanest beaches in Thailand are located in Krabi Province. The most famous ones are Phra Nang and Ao Nang. Generally the city of Krabi is calm and relaxed and many tourists prefer to come here for recharging after the big city life stress. Just few kilometres away from the city one can find Tiger Cave Temple- a famous meditation centre. It is said that the footstep of Buddha remains here, and even if you won’t find it ,the view that opens from the highest point of the local mountain will make you speechless.


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If choosing between Tibet and India, the answer is Nepal. It is said that here you won’t  see all the disadvantages of India and Tibet but will see all the exotic advantages of the last two. Nepal is often called the top of the world. In this relatively small area 8 out  14 highest mountains in the world are located. Tourist come here to conquest the greatest peaks and find inner balance. It is believed that the soul of the Shambhala is hidden here or even the soul of the Earth.


Angkor, Cambodia


Angkor complex is often called the most impressive complex of the entire Asia. The area of the complex is 230 square meters, what is more than the area of modern Amsterdam. 800 years ago, when the Khmer Empire was in power Angkor was one of the most important cities on the map. When the population of London or Paris was no more than 70 000-80 000 people, the count of Angkor’s inhabitants was almost a million.




One of the post popular slogan on Maldives is «No news, no shoes». Indeed, perfect white sand require no shoes and it will be quite challenging to find a TV here. If you are tired from the world and life, Maldives is a right place to be. The archipelago is composed from 1200 islands. The issue of Maldiveles origin is still a mystery for scientists. Maybe you will find an answer.




Laos has a very specific reputation in Asia. Both neighbours of the country-Vietnam and Thailand are deeply convinced that people from Laos are the laziest people in the world. It is certainly the most chilled Asian country. Here communists are friends with Buddhists and all members of the ruling party have to go through few mouthes of ascetic lifestyle.










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