Most Romantic Cities In Asia

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You do not have to travel far in Asia before you find romance- it is in everyplace. However, when you want to find the most romantic cities in Asia, you need to take a little trip to some of these destinations.  Most of these destinations have entertained princes and princesses from around the world.

For those who are wondering where they can have that quiet time with their partners, these destinations are definitely going to impress them.


  Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay island

In 2013, Trip Advisor listed it as the Best Beach in Asia. Indeed, this is a very romantic place with its white sand beaches and stunning landscape. For lovers, this is the perfect spot to rekindle romance. There are loads of myriad of activities that couples can engage in.  Activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing and even windsurfing on the lovely Bulabog Beach.  If you are thinking of an engagement or wedding while on vacation, Boracay Island is just the place to be.

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Bali, Indonesia


Some tourists called Bali the intimate paradise where couples can have fun. There are crystal blue waters, lush landscapes, white and black sands, ancient temples and lots more. A romantic getaway is what Bali has offered to hundreds of couples and lovers from another the world.  The food variety is exotic and the dreamy landscapes make dinner exceptional. The locals are warm and friendly which makes you feel at home. Some tourists would always come back to Bali because of the fun and the exciting things to do.

Shanghai, China


You cannot miss out the beautiful bays, exotic gardens, spas and amazing architectures that are in Shanghai. The Bay Sands Skypark is a resort that is located high above Shanghai that can give you that blissful experience you desire with your partner. This is a unique place that offers nature walks, pubs, shops, national park trails and much more. Of course, the chocolate bar would be irresistible. You are going to have the most beautiful time when you are in Shanghai. Things are already in place to give your stay in China a memorable one when you come to this beautiful and romantic city.

Krabi, Thailand


Krabi takes the breath away when you visit it. It is a social and lively environment through the day and night.  A visit to the artistic galleries, cruise on the river, dinner at the cafes and shopping keep the city bustling with fun. There is hardly time to complete every romantic endeavor because there are so many things to do when you are in Krabi.


The Malaysian Islands

 the Malaysian islands

See the sharks, the beautiful oceans, eat the exotic meals, backpack through the island’s wilderness and swim around. This is a very quiet and peaceful place that you and your partner can have that romantic moment.   There is no noise from traffic and you are assured of natural time out here. You can feel the vibe immediately you arrive here. Life gets prettier here because you can easily disappear to a lot hidden spots with your partner.


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