Thailand And Hong Kong Twin Holiday Experience

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When you want to share two worlds, you can begin with the Hong Kong and Thailand twin-centre holiday. Hong Kong is always crazy but it has become the dream vibrant city break for a lot of tourists and you can chill out in this busy city.  Then arrives the serene and beautiful island of Koh Samui,that is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. These two cities are worlds apart, yet you can be in any of these cities within three hours.

Hong Kong

This twin centre trip can begin in Hong Kong, where the East meets the West city. A lot of people come here and fall in love with it, the sparkling new glass skyscrapers sit cheek by jowl with centuries-old temples in traditional neighbourhoods is one of the site attractions. Locals are seen around here washing and hanging their clothes to dry from the trams and windows.

Koh Samui

You can start your tour from the central Wan Chai area where you can do a lot of things. You can explore the market where there are lots of things to buy.  You would be amazed at the coconuts made products that can be seen from the Shing Fat Coconut shop and there are also some other items that you can buy.  The fishmongers sell a lot of array of extraordinary seafood.  Some of these seafood can be gotten fresh and even killed in front of the customers.

Hong Kong

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Then, we can move to the Tai Wing Wah Village restaurant. This is where you can be served  a lot of great meals.  If you are coming to Hong Kong, there are must do things that should be on the itineraries, you can make use of the Star Ferry that would take you to Kowloon  that is on the mainland, and  this is surely one of the world’s best-value tourist trips.

From there, Thailand is here to explore from the Koh Samui that have a lot of incredible beaches.  From here you can see some local junks sail. One great thing that you would not miss is the Symphony of Lights nightly display that is  free and fantastic .

Koh Samui

You cannot miss the 1,800ft Peak on the tram, however, it is not a destination for those who have weak height for heights. The ticket fare is cheap and you can also visit the Happy Valley Racecourse that is situated  in the middle of the city.

All these can happen with three hours and you are enjoying two worlds at the same day.  Talk about nightlife in Hong Kong, which is one of the most famous would give you that thrill you need.   There are bars and clubs at the Lan Kwai Fong area where you can spend time all through the night. At the Koh Samui, you would find some of the finest and golden beaches in Thailand have become one of the best places you can visit. This is the reason why a lot of people can make use of these two destinations within 24 hours to have a blast.


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