Top Travel Cities In The Middle East

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Get a seat over here because we are traveling to some of the top travel cities in the Middle East. The Middle East is one of the most fascinating places to visit on earth , with some of the world’s wonders and most breathtaking destinations located here. This is where you meet some of the finest tourist attractions and they are must see.  We are taking about countries like Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and we are still counting.

CAIRO, Egypt


It is not just the pyramids that make Cairo one of the most visited cities in the world, there are beautiful treasures to see, the museums that are must visit, the people to interact with, the Paris like architecture downtown makes it so unique and the tourist packages are enviable. 



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  A mixture of East and the West is what Istanbul has become, an imperial capital that is filled with architectural splendor.  There are destinations like the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque to visit, with the present making it a cosmopolitan city, Istanbul that has a cultural and modern flair that is sophistication. The beauty in Middle East is seen here and the fun is a little way higher than what you may have thought of about Middle East.

PETRA, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

  There is no issue with beauty, wonder and magic that is in Petra.  Everything culminates to give Petra that mesmerizing effect that does not wash off easy. The aroma of this city’s excitement is what you can only get in a lovely Middle East destination. Petra has become one of the world’s most remarkable cities that have ever been built.



  The future has come here and it is resting here in Dubai. One day, Dubai would beat Paris because it is already becoming a fairly tale destination that Middle East cannot hold onto itself any longer. Everything about Dubai is tourism and it is one of the hottest spot for tourists from around the world. If you want to catch a glimpse to what the future may hold to the Middle East, a trip to Dubai settles that with its grandest hotels and the stunning waterfront locations.


Abu Dhabi

  Abu Dhabi is for the rich. It is the capital of UAE and have become where you see it all in the Middle East. If you are ready for fun that is unending, it is only in Abu Dhabi that you would see it in the Middle East. The Guggenheim, Louvre museums and one of the world's biggest mosques, that can be visited by non-Muslim stand Abu Dhabi out among the other cities in Middle East.

Middle East has more cities that you can visit. Tourism has become one of the things that is keeping this destination busy every day. Gone are the days when the Middle East was scary. The testament of locations like Dubai is such a tale that this is where you should have your fun.  Middle East does not have equals in its cultural and way of life

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