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The Murray Hotel Find Cheap Hotels in West Perth review and some comments
find cheap Hotel reviewfind cheap Hotel reviewfind cheap Hotel review
Country: Australia City: West Perth
718 Murray St West Perth 6005 Western Australia Australia
Type: Hotel
Contact: +61893217441 Or [email protected]
Cheapest Room: 149 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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Hotel Find cheap hotels in Australia 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Australia 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Australia 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Australia 4 Stars (By 1 Traveler)
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Find cheap hotels in West Perth On Our Travel ForumWith so many things to do in West Perth, it's important to choose a good Hotel.

The Murray Hotel Perth is a friendly and welcoming 30 room hotel centrally located in West Perth.

From the hotel it is only a short walk to Kings Park, Subiaco, Leederville & Subiaco Oval or a free Yellow Cat Bus ride from outside the hotel to the City Centre, Shopping District, CBD and Convention Centre. Northbridge is only a few minutes by taxi or a free trip from nearby City West train station.

The room prices include a complimentary breakfast for all guests of orange juice, choice of cereal, toasts with condiments and tea & coffee served in our dining room.

Free wireless broadband internet is available throughout the hotel and we have computers set up for guest use.The Murray Hotel Perth Australia

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This is a great Hotel to find review, you can also find cheap hotels in West Perth and a lot of Hotels reviews and rating here
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