Beach Safety Videos to be Shown on Aussie-Bound Flights

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Along with instructions on what to do in the event of a flight emergency, airline passengers en route to Australia will also receive beach safety tips.

The initiative by Surf Life Saving Australia will feature pre-landing beach safety videos that will run for six months starting in November.

The videos are aimed at raising awareness about the dangers at beaches, and are in response to a rising number of drownings by immigrants and tourists at the country's beaches.

In 2009-2010, 26 migrants or international visitors drowned along Australia's coast, up from nine international drowning deaths in 2006, the organization noted.

The videos will be shown on flights operated by Air New Zealand, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and South African Airlines. It is expected that two million people will see the videos.

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I'm not surprised to hear this...every year, without a doubt, there are reports on the news about travellers getting into trouble in the surf. Usually the tourists that get into trouble are people who  have grown up without any experience of the surf, so they have no idea how easy it is to get caught in a rip or be tumbled by a big wave. It really does take some practice to be safe in the surf and tourists really should respect this.

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I agree with Carly. Tourist should aware of certain things and practice for surfing is necessary.

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