Darwin Favs - A Top City To Visit In 2012

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Congratulations Darwin! This awesome Aussie city has made it into Lonely Planet's Top 10 cities to visit in 2012 (new Best in Travel book came out on Friday).

I've been to Darwin a couple of times and it's a great city - much more laid back than Sydney or Melbourne.

Here are my Darwin favourites. Anyone else got any great tips of things to see and do in the city as I hope to go back next year (hopefully before the crowds!).

1. Markets - Darwin has loads of amazing open-air markets. Mindil Beach are probably the most popular.

2. Harbour cruise - do this at sunset. Nothing beats a Top End sunset.

3. Deckchair cinema - catch a movie under the stars.

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4. Wave lagoon - This waterfront area in Darwin is pretty new but it's awesome. Safe to swim and heaps of cool bars.

5. Crocosaurus Cove - an absolute must! Some seriously big crocs in the middle of the city (Mitchell St). It also has the Cage of Death where you can 'swim with the crocs' (I wasn't brave enough).

6. Check out the Aboriginal art - Darwin has plenty of great art galleries on offer. If you don't have loads of time go to The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

7. Stokes Hill Wharf - great spot to have fish and chips!

8. City Tour - I took the tour with Steve Noble (Darwin Walking Tours) which was interesting and gives a good overview of the historical sites.

9. Feed the fish at Doctors Gully - a mad little activity. Thousands of fish at high tide that you can feed by hand.

10. Nightlife! Darwin has a fun social scene. Mitchell St is the place to head with plenty of funky bars, pubs and clubs. Wisdom bar is one of the best.



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