Kimberley - A World Of Vast Horizons

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Waking up at the very first alarm which arouse from the clock the moment it’s 6 in the morning, getting dressed up and rushing through the things. This was my daily schedule and I was too tedious of it.  Friday morning I received a call from my cousin in Delhi and he told me about the electrifying plan to visit the world full of vast horizons- The Kimberley, Australia.Kimberley - a world of vast horizons

My cousin and I took our flight on Saturday evening from IGI-airport New Delhi which finally terminated at Cairns airport which is around 77 km from Kimberley. I was so excited to reach my destination that I could not sleep on my way to Kimberley. On the way I searched for different places to visit in and around Kimberley. I prepared my list and I was ready to explore the eccentric rock architecture, antique gorges, and halcyon beaches.

Landed at Cairns and took an hour long drive through the lovely meadows to Kimberley. We straight away went to Kimberley's most across the board eco adventure- The Gibb River Road. In the Australian backcountry camping tour, we experienced the atmosphere of exclusive Kimberley primeval forest. Sights of absurd scenery, wildlife and endemic art made Kimberley the world's great wilderness regions.

Kimberley - a world of vast horizons

1st day: Visit to Broome- Windjana gorge.

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We departed from Broome early in morning around 7’o clock for a short visit to Derby prison tree. Bitumen was left way back as we were about to get in the Gibb river road and to our astonishment we could feel the remoteness. While having a walk through Windjana gorge, we were highly impressed by its immense beauty. I was too much excited for the overnight camping at the Windjana national park which turned to be an amazing experience.

2nd day: Windjana-bell

In morning we were intact with our bathers and torches as we were off for Tunnel creek. Cutting through the Napier range the tunnel is famous for its cave system. While walking through the tunnel we were wearing a good pair of walking shoes and turned the flashlights on. We were all wet by the time we came out. By afternoon we reached Bell gorges where we planned to stay at night and had our food along with taking rest.

Kimberley - a world of vast horizons

3rd day: Bell- Manning gorge

Leaving behind the Bells gorges we started our journey in morning through the stunning backdrop of highest mountain range of the Kimberley’s named Kings Leopard ranges. We walked through the Manning gorge and arrived at Mt. Barnett station where we planned to stay overnight.

4th day: Manning - King Edward River

We finally left the Gibb river road and headed towards the Mitchell Plateau via Kalamburu road. Now the camp was on the banks the river. Both of us met a few people who were also camping in the region along the river banks. We made good friends out of them. They were having a game of volleyball and asked us also to join. It turned to be a bit tiring but we cherished each and every moment. Day ended with food and drinks which we had along with those guys only.

5th day: Mitchell Falls

Tackling through the slow rough track we reached the Mitchell falls when we left the Mitchell plateau in morning. We explored the Merten and Mitchell falls and discovered the abstract rock art and beautiful scenery. We came back to our bush camp in the afternoon to spend our rest of the day underneath the falling sky full of stars. A plenty of wildlife including kangaroos, different birds and dingos can be found in the region. Through my experience I would like to recommend any person coming here should take a walk through the Mitchell falls rather than going for scenic helicopter flight.

Kimberley - a world of vast horizons

6th day: King Edward River - The home Valley

A visit to abstract paintings in the morning had already made our day. We departed from the river camp and the stunning beauty of Mitchell plateau and travelled back towards the Drysdale station in order to re-join the Kimberley Gibb River Road. We camped that night at the home valley station and was all prepared for another day full of adventure.

7th day: Home valley- El Questro station

The Kimberley Gibb river road journey took us through the exalted Cockburn ranges. Click sounds from the camera were not lasting on seeing the spectacular scenery and never seen before panoramic views of and around the Cockburn ranges. Along with Cockburn ranges we explored the Cambridge Gulf and bi-folded rivers along the Pentecost and Durack. We were stunned to have a watch at the crystal clear water in the EI Questro station and could not stop to have a swim in the water. We laid down in calmness and serenity in the mesmerising water. We were refreshed after the swim and planned to camp overnight in EI Questro only.

8th day: EI Questro

It was a relaxing as well as exciting day. In morning we soaked up at the Zebedee Springs thermal pools. We spent a free afternoon and had fun in probing through the Chamberlain Gorge. We hired small boat also known as dingy to view the aboriginal art as well as wildlife in that area. We spent the same night under the stars there in EI Questro only.

Kimberley - a world of vast horizons

9th day: Kununurra

In morning we left EI Questro and headed towards Wyndham. Wyndham comes on the way to Kununurra. In the afternoon while moving to Kununurra we halted at Parry Lagoon which is a birdlife sanctuary. Lake Kununurra was the next stop where we planned to stay overnight and take rest. Had food and straight away fell asleep as it had become too enervated day for both of us.

 10th day: Attractions around Kununurra

It was a free day to enjoy various attractions around the place. On asking people around we got some very nice options to make our day a real pleasant one. We saw various plantations around the area, went for a boat cruise along the Ord River and also on Lake Argyle. Next we went for a fishing trip on the Lower Ord River. Next was the most loving place that I always wanted to go- A Diamond mine. We took our flight to Argyle diamond mine in the afternoon. We saw how actually diamonds are being extracted from their native ore and the process of refining them. I don’t have any words to explain my experience during this diamond ore visit. It was simply incredible.

After the 10 days long trip through the land of vast horizons-“Kimberley” we were back home and also back to the same busy schedule where one don’t have time even for food and other basic amenities of life.

“Kimberley”- the trip was so amazing that I had completely come out of each and everything, all the trauma of office, and everything that bothered me. We both were feeling great. Kimberley was up to that extent in my mind that late night I was preparing myself for the adventure that I am going to face tomorrow. But all of a sudden I realized that the trip is over and I have to go to office next morning.


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