Mersmerizing Beaches In Australia

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When you have travelled everywhere else and now you can’t think of where to visit, remember Australia with its many beautiful beaches. This south pacific country has some of the longest beaches known and has been a favourite tourist destination. The availability of beaches has also led to a rapid growth in hotel resorts some of them exclusive to certain high profile individuals. Those hoping to visit Australia will benefit from researching its different beaches to find the one best suited for them. In this article we review the top five beaches in Australia.

WhiteHaven, Queensland


The WhiteHaven beach is found in WhitSunday Island in Australia. Whitsunday can be assessed by boat ride from the mainland. The beach is at least 7km long and has been rated the best beach in Australia. It was also coined the cleanest beach in Australia in 2008.  The beach sands are very clean made predominantly of silica. Since the sands do not retain heat like other beach sands, walking on them on very hot days feels very comfortable. Visitors to this beach will find they are not allowed to come with dogs. Smoking is also not allowed.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

Cable Beach

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Cable beach in Broome Western Australia is known for its very white sands. The beach that is a stretch of 22km along the Indian Ocean is one of the most visited in Australia. The waters at this beach are a beautiful turquoise colour which is greatly enhanced by the rusty red cliffs that line the sides of the beach in some places. Don’t be surprised to see camels strolling along the beach; you can get a chance to ride on a camel if you so please.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay

This beach is not called wineglass by error. If you stand at the hill and look from above, you will really agree it has the shape of a wineglass. Remember, if you decide to do the hiking trip to the top of the hill just to have an aerial view of the bay, make sure it is not on a cloudy day as you would be disappointed. This beach located in the Freycinet National Park is a very beautiful turquoise body of water.

Hyams, New South Wales


If you are use to travelling to beaches located in towns or cities with a heavy population, you will be surprised at this small community in which this beach is located. There are just well over 250 residents in the area. This beach is located in a village of the same name that is bordered on both sides by two other beaches.  The beach is said to have the whitest sands in the world.

Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach

Bells beach located in Victoria is one of the site attractions listed on the Victoria Heritage site. The beach is well known for the surfing activities that take place there. The rip curl pro surf and music festival, which is among the longest running surf competitions in the world take place at this beach.

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