Things To Do In Noosa

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The city of Noosa can be found along the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Noosa gained prominence and a huge share of tourist arrivals yearly because it is the “Surfer’s Paradise” of Queensland. It is lined with stunning beaches and soft white sand with decks across the beach instead of a sidewalk. Noosa is also characterized by a coast with several deserted and isolated islands that are extremely charming and quiet. The best thing about Noosa is everything is easily accessible on foot starting from the Main Beach, hotel accommodations, National Park, Farmer’s Market, and local boat rental areas. Leave the car or disregard hailing a cab to go around, it is best to discover its tourist attractions that are all within walking distance from the other. 


When To Go:

Noosa has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a beachside holiday. It has tolerable temperature and more sunny days to experience all year round than rainy days. The best time to see Noosa is during summer. The official summer season begins from the month of December lasting all the way to the last week of February where the temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius up to 28 degrees Celsius. If you’re comfortable to go around under humid weather schedule your holiday during the summer months of Noosa.

The autumn season is experienced during the months of March up to May and the humid atmosphere continues to be felt and even if there are occasional rain showers, tourists are not intimidated and continue to swim and enjoy the beaches of Noosa.

Visit Noosa

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The winter season is tolerable and the chilly atmosphere (as low as 10 degrees Celsius) can be felt during the months of June to August.

The spring season occurs from the months of September up to November. This the best time to hit the beaches and explore Noosa because there are no rainy days and the sunny atmosphere (but not humid) is more felt and mostly characterized by bright sunny skies, agreeable temperature and lots of time to visit the local attractions and nature parks without worrying how the weather will be like outdoors.

Visit Noosa

Here are the key attractions and list of things to do in Noosa…


Noosa National Park

The Noosa National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in eastern Australia. It has well marked hiking trails and a rugged coastline with impressive views of the sea. Wear sturdy shoes when going on a hike and bring enough drinking water for you. The people at the tourist office are friendly and the park is well signposted on where the koalas are usually spotted. Noosa is a nice coastal town and after the hike, you can enjoy a great dinner at the surf club in Noosa Heads. The tall Eucalyptus trees and the cute koalas that rest on its branches complete the all nature scenes of this charming park.

It is a great nature park where you can have a nice walk and enough time to appreciate the natural beauty of Noosa. If you stay on the coast there are also nice beaches where you can stop and spend time in total relaxation.

Noosa National Park

The walking path is not hard to traverse, very simple and requires no special skill. Along the way you will meet other interesting animals of Australia like; the black cockatoos, brush turkeys, turtles and dolphins along the coast, and the sea eagles. Apart from the small path after passing by the beach area, the landscape becomes completely flat and you can continue the hike without any difficulty. Take your time and stop to photograph these beautiful landscapes, it is a must!

The real highlight of the Noosa National Park is the Costal track. From anywhere you stand, it is common to see a koala sitting in a tree and at Hell's Gates a giant turtle in the water. Whale spotting is quite difficult to spy on from this point (unless it's the migration season). There is so much to see and things to do on this side of Queensland. The trail comes in two parts; A hiking trail that runs along the beach and another hiking trail that goes right through the rainforest. Also highly recommended is the Noosa Hills track. Even if the trails are physically exhausting, the rather somewhat strenuous hike is rewarded with more commanding views of the ocean and the city.  Overall, the park is impeccably clean and one of the best places to spend a few hours with when in Noosa. The information stand is supplied with a free card to take home and the admission to the park is free of charge.


Noosa Main Beach

It is a lovely beach with fine sand, clear sea, calm, and warm atmosphere. The waters of Noosa Main Beach do not exceed the knee and the waves are not a bother if you want to relax near the coast. Behind the beach there is a park with a pleasant little shade where people can stay during the hottest hours of the day. It is blessed with clean water, not too cold, not very strong current, and suitable for learning the basics of surfing or sunbathe in peace while lying on your towel. The Main Beach is equipped with all the services that can help the tourists enjoy their beach vacation.

Noosa Main Beach

The Noosa Main Beach runs parallel to Hastings Street, the major shopping and restaurant strip in Noosa. The beach is wide, clean and full of amateur and professional surfers. At the end of Hastings Street, there are large parking areas, but in the front area it’s rather sparse. The beach is highly recommended for a romantic evening stroll where restaurants and bars are just around the corner. It has a bar overlooking the beach, free shower, surf school, and last but not the least, a route that passes in a reserve which leads to a nature conservation area and the sea.


Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach

The Peregian Beach is an ideal beach for people who want to enjoy swimming in peace or looking for a place of solitude. From the car park of the beach area, it is just a two minute walk away. The beach occupies a few kilometers, wide, long and with less crowds (even on weekends). A few meters away from the Peregian Beach is the Coolum Bay, which is also less frequented by tourists. There are places to stay here, small promenade park to take a quick stroll, dining places to enjoy fish and chips, and an activity center for kids.


Hastings Street

The Hastings Street in Noosa is a famous boulevard that is lined with restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, hip surf shops, and boutiques. The Noosa Main Beach is just parallel to this boulevard. Everything is always neat, tidy, and you will feel totally at ease. The trees are decorated with light chains and creates an additional pleasant element to the charm of this boulevard and promenade in Noosa.

Hastings Street

This street always looks busy and leaves an impression that there is always something going on, whether it’s morning, noon, or evening. The shops close after 6:00 PM and gives way to open air restaurants that set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk. Try to have a glass of wine or beer and enjoy the fun atmosphere or try the local cuisine at the Surf Club; the food there is ok.


Merrick’s Noosa Learn To Surf

The Merrick’s Noosa Learn To Surf is one of the best surfing schools in Noosa. This is the right place to study if you want to surf like a pro. Instructor Merrick is an old professional surfer who will teach the basics, learn the good foundation of surfing, techniques, and continues the surf lessons in the water.

Merrick's Noosa Learn To Surf

The surfing lessons are fun and the teacher is very entertaining and shares the techniques he has developed to become good in surfing. You need not worry about safety while trying the board for the first time because he is ready to assist and swims fast and looks after every student individually especially when trying to surf and hit the rushing waves.


Noosa Farmer’s Market

For every tourist, the opportunity to try what the city has to offer when it comes to shopping and dining is one of the reasons why they travel aside from seeing the city’s top tourist attractions. The Noosa Farmer’s Market is the best place to experience all that when in Noosa.  You can relax and see the sights, and most of all enjoy diverse food while learning about the city and their culture through social interaction with the sellers and shop owners here. Fresh foods like fish, fruits, and vegetables is what you can mostly find in this market.

Noosa Farmer's Market

If you want to save on expenses while on tour of Noosa, you can shop for fresh produce here and find a small hotel or resort place that has a complete kitchen set up and cook your own food than dine outside all the time. There are also ready to eat food and snacks here and you can also shop for international ingredients from its theme shops like the Asian market, French crepes and pastries, and the German meat deli section. The local cuisine dominates the food shops and if you want your palate to explore different tastes and delicacies, go from one shop to another where free taste samples are offered. The yogurt, dairy, and a good selection of Australian cheeses is one of the most visited stalls in this busy and interesting market.


The Fraser Island Day Tours (Discovery Group)

The minute you arrive in Noosa, you can book and sign up with the Discovery Group to arrange a schedule and visit to the Fraser Island and its nearby attractions. The Fraser Island Day Tours (Discovery Group) begins with a one and a half hour ferry ride to reach the Fraser Island. The ferry ride is amusing and the boat looks like the Normandy landing craft. On the island, the ride on the Rainbow Beach is very interesting; the sea is impressive and provides the chance to see a few beautiful birds including the osprey. There is only one stop made at the beach, a long walk in the rainforest, and a chance to explore and appreciate the nature scenery on this part of Noosa. The tour also includes a trip to the Lake McKenzie, the Colored Sands, a visit to an old shipwreck, and a canoe ride starting from the Noosa River up to the Everglades.

The Fraser Island Day Tours

The canoe/river tour is very organized and they schedule the pickup time and place in the morning. The bus can carry a capacity of 20 to 30 people who will also be assigned to designated boats for the tour of the Everglades.  After the first stop, the guests are served with delicious pastries and morning tea, and are assigned a canoe and one tour guide. You will admire the beauty, peace, and tranquillity of the natural setting at the Everglades. After spending about one hour on the canoe, there is a free meal filled with delicious barbecue with fish and meat selection and many salad options. Then after a few stops and a few minutes to take pictures and admire the view, the journey to return to the boat dock begins. The entire tour is absolutely captivating; but don't forget to wear wide hats, shades, sunscreen, and bug spray.


The Coolum Beach

The Coolum Beach faces the resort or hotel area of Noosa and the best way to admire this beach is by staying in one of the apartments that faces it. This is the pleasant seaside resort territory of Noosa and all the three story hotel and apartments here are equipped with a private sun terrace and located a few meters above the coastal road and from where you can admire the views of the ocean and the nearby islands of Noosa City.

The Coolum Beach

When finding a place to stay with the best views of the city choose the accommodations near the Coolum Beach and you will wake up each morning with a nice view or spend the night under the stars watching the lights and illuminated nightspots along the coastal road of Noosa.


Lake Weyba

The Lake Weyba is an eye catching attraction in Noosa where most professional kite surfers hang out and train. This lake is characterized by its symbolic landmark, a working pedestrian bridge that is suspended over the creek. Aside from kite surfers, it is frequented by canoe/kayak lovers, hike enthusiasts, and paddle board surfers. You can rent a canoe and borrow a map of the lake, study its starting point and exit paths, and you can explore it within the day at your own leisurely pace and time or bring along your close friends or family members.

Lake Weyba

The canoe course is very easy and not hard to navigate. You can make a few stops along the way like; admire the views from the pedestrian or walkway bridge or try out the restaurants situated along the edges of the lake or bring your own food and plan the best picnic and bonding moment at the covered shelter area of the lake where most families spend time and have a picnic while observing the nice landscape and view of the city.


Noosa River Fishing Safaris

Noosa River Fishing Safaris

The Noosa River Fishing Safaris is a unique fishing adventure and one of the exciting things to do in Noosa. The tour begins with a brief lecture from Chris, a skipper and fisherman from Noosa who rents out his boat and guides his guests to the best fishing spots in the coastal town of Noosa. He is friendly, accommodating, and always carries his ready baits that his guests can make use of to catch fish during the half day tour. The tour also includes snacks with free drinks and teaching the right technique on how to catch bream and other types of fishes that can be found in the waters of Noosa. Chris will also share his stories about the city, the wildlife area, the species of birds you will see, and an exciting side trip to explore the beauty of the Noosa River.

Noosa River Fishing Safaris

There are lots of opportunities to have a good catch because the skipper is very familiar with the fishing spots and the right time of the day when the fish gather. He will help you get the first catch, clean the fish thoroughly, and cook it immediately on the boat. It is an enjoyable two hour adventure and a must do activity while in the city of Noosa.

Apart from being one of the top beach holiday destinations in the Queensland region, Noosa is also famous for its fine dining cuisine and top of the line restaurants that cater more on well to do or elite clients. Efforts to preserve its natural beauty are another reason why this small town has become a favorite holiday destination in Australia. There are strict guidelines about building permits and construction laws for this progressive coastal town. It is devoid of high rise building constructions that will destroy the view and the preserved natural parks of Noosa. 

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