Top Five Resorts In Australia

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Resorts are a great way to spend the holiday. A resort can be an entire town, place or a location. Most resorts will have all the basic amenities and facilities that could be requested by their guests. As such, the guest can stay at the resort for many days without wanting to go out.  Most often it could also refer to a hotel although most resorts have hotels as part of the whole package. There can be island resorts, ski resorts and beach resorts. The resort a person choose to visit will depend on what they are looking o get out of their time at the resort. 

Qualia, Queensland

Qualia, Queensland

This resort located in Hamilton Island is the perfect holiday resort to visit. The resort uses pavilions built to reflect the traditional Australian people to house its guests. These pavilions are scattered over 30 acres of bushland that lies above the Coral Sea.  When you visit, you may be lucky to get one of the pavilions that have a sundeck and a private pool. For casual meals you can make a stop at the Pebbles Beach restaurant. For a more intensive dinner experience, go to the formal long Pavilion.

Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa, Queensland

Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa

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Pullman Resort is located not very far from the very popular four mile beach and it is surrounded by lush evergreen rainforest. The resort décor is perfectly done to give a luxurious and grandiose feeling to the guest. There are 194 guest rooms that are beautifully furnished with the best quality room décor and guests have access to first class facilities. There are lagoon pools all around the resorts and guest can swim around the resort and they can stop by at pool bars for a quick drink if they so wish. However, some may find the location of the resort a little too far from the nearest town.

One and Only Hayman Island Resort

One and Only Hayman Island Resort

This resort is located in the heart of the great Barrier Reefs. It is a private island resort located in the northernmost part of the Whitsunday islands. The accommodations are well furnished and most of them provide a great view of the beautiful Coral Sea. While at the resort, enjoy a host of island activities like snorkeling, kayaking, waterskiing and fishing. You will definitely have a memorable stay at this resort.

Heron Island Resort

Heron Island Resort

This is a wonderful holiday destination for those who love diving and swimming. The natural environment surrounding the resort is simply breathtaking. This is one of the top resorts on the Great Barrier reefs. The good thing about the resort is that it sits on the reef so guests don’t have to go on boat rides to see this nature’s wonder.

Smith Beach Resort

Smith beach

This resort is located in the Margaret River Wine region. Te resort that is located to the Smith Beach offers a number of self contained apartments for its guests. It is very close to some wineries in the region and guests can ask to go for wine tasting.







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