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Travel to SydneyAlthough I have traveled to many cities across the globe, Sydney had a special appeal that I fell in love with it as soon as I arrived at the airport. Sydney boasts of diverse attractions that include a vibrant art scene, museums, great restaurants that offer different cuisine and beaches. I only had three days to travel to Sydney so I had to make the most of this opportunity. Therefore, I first made my hotel reservation at the Forsyth Bed and Breakfast through the hotel’s website.

When I arrived in Sydney and checked in, I was not disappointed with my decision. In fact, I must say this one of the best and affordable accommodation options that I have been to during my travel because it is far much better than many five star hotels that I have been to. Everything was well taken care of thereby ensuring that you get value for your money. Moreover, the staff here is more than willing to recommend restaurants where you can enjoy meals and drinks at a reasonable price. I arrived in Sydney in the evening and checked into my room before proceeding to the Thai restaurant that is down the road for dinner.

I woke up early the next morning eager to explore this world-class city that I had been longing to visit for years. With so many places and activities beckoning, I had developed an itinerary based on the research I had conducted on the internet. One the first day, I visited the Sydney Opera House that is also listed as a World Heritage Site. This magnificent house is a true masterpiece that comprises 300 corridors, 1000 rooms as well as hundreds of secrets and Travel to Sydneytales. The panoramic design of this structure is quite impressive especially when viewed from outside. There are a number of venues where performances are held. These venues have a bar where you can buy some great tasting sandwiches.  I was lucky enough to catch up with some great ballet performance after which I took some photos. While here, you should consider passing by the small café as well as souvenir shop.

I also went to the Manly Ferry that is also a cheap option of getting to Manly for a tour of Sidney Harbor. I parted with the $10 admission fee for the amazing ride that lasted about 25 minutes. This tour presented a perfect opportunity to see some of Sydney’s best icons among them the Sydney harbor bridge, Opera House and Fort Denison among others. The harbor view is also great for photo moments that I took advantage of capturing great scenery with my high definition camera.

The Art Gallery of NSW is another great place that you must visit while in Sydney. This art museum particularly attracts art lovers as the collections are awesome. The Francis Bacon exhibition is well thought out and is definitely the best show at the gallery as the 20th century gems that are hung wonderfully and well curated are masterpieces that you must see in order to believe. I ended my day’s expeditions by taking sometime at the Royal Botanic Gardens that is not too far from the art gallery. These gardens that are well maintained and radiating with so much color and life are a must see if you are visiting Sydney. Watching the wildlife is quite relaxing and also entertaining particularly the birds that kept on stealing food from the tables. The cactus gardens are amazingly laid out. I highly recommend that you visit this garden. With the first day well spent, I went back to my room to freshen up before heading out for dinner. Later, I sat down to write a blog on my first experience in Sydney.

On the second day, I went to the Circular Quay that is a colorful port where cruise ships and ferries depart and board. While you may be wondering what is exciting about the port, you need to know that boat watching is a great experience. Moreover, there are performances by street performers that are truly entertaining. There are great restaurants as well as cafes along the walkways where I got to taste various beverages and food as I whiled the day away. After spending several hours at the Circular Quay, I went to Taronga Zoo that is another place I can confidently recommend to you. Although I was quick to dismiss it as any other zoo, I can guarantee you that it is not. This zoo ignites joy in every visitor with the range of Australia’s diverse wildlife.  Overall, the Zoo is interesting and fun to visit.

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I also visited one of Sydney’s scenic neighborhoods that are popularly referred to as Rocks. This historic area is simply characterized by narrow cobblestoned laneways as well as homes of former merchants that have since been converted into boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants as well as galleries. Some of the historical sites that you will come across while in rocks include the Discovery Museum, the Sydney Observatory, the Argyle Cut, the Bridge Stairs, the Garrison church and Susannah Place Museum among others all of which have maintained the old school feel. The Strand Arcade is also worth visiting especially if you are interested in some great deal of window-shopping. Moreover, you will definitely like the feel of this arcade is characterized by quirky stores that have lovely products that you will not find in some of the major stores.

My third day in Sydney was equally busy as I began by going to the Darling Harbor that is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places that Sydney boasts of because everything here has a modern and new look. There are also numerous shops as well as other attractions facilities that include Star city Casino, the Australian National Maritime Museum, Madame Tassaud’s, Entertainment centre and IMAX theatre among others. I really wanted to go on a cruise but this would have taken a much of the day so I saved it for another visit. Therefore, from here, I proceeded to Bridge Climb that is also a highlight of my travel to Sydney. I did a lunchtime climb that was quite rewarding as I was able to see all sights. I also got to know the story behind the bridge from the guide who also ensured that all climbers are at par. After about three and a half hours I was able to enjoy the breathtaking views that were far much more than the fee we had paid.

From here, I went to the Chinese Garden of Friendship before heading to the Sydney Tower Eye and Skywalk. The garden offers tranquility that you cannot find in the middle of the city. This is derived from the fish filled ponds, waterfalls that are linked through bridges. At $6, the admission fee to this garden is worth it as you can literally enjoy an oasis in the middle of the central business district. The Sydney Tower eye and skywalk was a great place to watch the sun set and capture great views of the city with a backdrop of the orange sun setting. Since I had a late night flight back home, I went back to my hotel room to pack my stuff. All this while, memories of Sydney kept flashing in my mind but the most I could do is promise myself to return to Sydney because there is so much more than what I got to experience. Even then, based on my experience, I can guarantee you that you must travel to Sydney.

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