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Country: Austria City: Hall In Tirol
Reimmichlstr 18 Hall In Tirol 6060 Austria
Type: Hotel
Contact: +43 5223 57114 Or [email protected]
Cheapest Room: 154 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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5 miles from Innsbruck, Austria Classic Hotel Heiligkreuz is located in Hall in Tyrol. The rooms offer free Wi-Fi access and a view of the surrounding mountains.

Hotel Heiligenkreuz has an excellent restaurant, a day bar and a lounge with a cozy fireplace. The surrounding garden features an astronomical observatory.


In the immediate vicinity of the Austria Classic guests can visit the public outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and mini golf. There are 6 ski resorts nearby and the Swarovski Cristal World is only 3 miles from the Austria Heiligkreuz.


Hall in Tyrol hosts a wide range of festivals, among them the Easter festival, open-air movie theaters, and concerts in churches. Local dishes and medieval feasts can be enjoyed at various inns, restaurants, cafés and pastry shops.


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