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Country: Austria City: Baden
Welzergasse 29 Baden 2500 Lower Austria Austria
Type: Hotel
Contact: +43 2252 89104 Or [email protected]
Cheapest Room: 115 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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Find cheap hotels in Baden On Our Travel ForumWith so many things to do in Baden, it's important to choose a good Hotel.

In an idyllic setting right at the Spa Park of Baden and only a stone's throw away from the VIENNA WOODS, our cozy romantic vacation hotel (bed and breakfast) makes a perfect destination for a couple of relaxing days, for your holidays or a lively weekend in beautiful Baden !
Located in a quiet, cultivated PARK environment  our Bed and Breakfast hotel offers real recreation and  Austrian hospitality !

Our comfortable guest rooms (some with balcony to the Park) and holiday apartments have an outstanding view in to the well maintained sunny garden with outdoor POOL and the beautiful Kurpark ! 
A second indoor POOL with SAUNA helps to enjoy your stay !

A 4 minutes walk through the idyllic Kurpark (Spa Park),passing the famous Congress CASINO and  the operetta stage called “Sommerarena” quickly leads you into the center of Baden ! Badens popular Spa centre - the "RÖMERTHERME" is  just in walking distance and a must for everyone !

If you think about visiting nearby Austrias capital VIENNA, BADEN is the right place to stay and relax !
There are excellent Bus and Tram connections to the historic Vienna centre all day !

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