Jenbach To Vienna By Bus

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If you are looking for the winter wonderlands for this year’s holiday, then you should definitely have Austria in your list.

Jenbach to Vienna by Bus

It is now time to move this name to the top of the list as you have Jenbach to enjoy your holiday this year. This is definitely an amazing place to spend some pleasant time.


If you are looking for a holiday spot in Austria to spend your holiday in a very different way, then you should visit Vienna. There are a lot of things that you can do and see in this place. You will have the best time in Austria at this place only.

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Here are the available modes of transport from Jenbach to Vienna.

Jenbach to Vienna bus ticket

The bus journey is too long from Jenbach to Vienna and another disadvantage is you will not have  any direct buses between these two places. You will have to travel from Jenbach to Innsbruck, the journey is 17 minutes and you get trains at hourly intervals. From Innsbruck, you will have to board another bus to Vienna, its journey time is 6 hours and 59 minutes. But this bus service operates just twice in a week. The total cost for your bus ticket would be around $33 to $44.

Jenbach to Vienna by Bus

Jenbach to Vienna train ticket

The journey from Jenbach to Vienna is 4 hours and 15 minutes and this is the shortest journey between these two places. You will first have to board the train to Westbahnhof from Jenbach and then from there you will have to board another train to Vienna which is just 6 mins travel. You have trains every four hours between these two places. The fare is going to be something around $93 minimum and $123 maximum.

Jenbach to Vienna flight ticket

When it comes to Flight between Jenbach and Vienna, it is the same. You will have to reach Innsbruck by train and then board the flight to Vienna. The time you spend in train to Innsbruck is 17 minutes and you have trains for every one hour. The flight journey is 55 minutes long and you have daily flights. The flight fare starts from $95 and the train fare starts from $7. 

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