St. Poelten To Vienna By Train

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St. Poelten

A very small but very interesting place in Austria is St. Poelten.

St. Poelten to Vienna by train

The mountains and the fast flowing rivers of this place are the best things in this place and you should definitely visit this place once. It is going to be a great holiday with your entire family.


When the family fun and happiness are on the top priority in your weekend holiday, then you should first look at Vienna. This place is the capital city of Austria and the largest city as well. You are going to get a lot of things to enjoy at Vienna to your family.

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Here are the available modes of transport from St. Poelten to Vienna

St. Poelten to Vienna by train

These two places St. Poelten and Vienna are not very far from each other. You can choose train as the best option for your transport. It will take hardly 33 minutes to reach Vienna from St. Poelten. The journey fare is around $15 to $19. You will have the trains in every 20 minutes and you will love the trip on the train.

St. Poelten to Vienna by train

St. Poelten to Vienna by bus

The next option available is the bus, but you hardly have bus trips between these two places. During the peak time, like when there are too many tourists in the place, then you will have lots of buses available. The bus journey is also going to be around 40 minutes only and will cost you just $5 to $7.

St. Poelten to Vienna by Car

This is the next best option to travel from St. Poelten to Vienna, because you have taxis whenever you want, unlike the buses which are available only during peak months. The time taken to reach Vienna by Car is 53 minutes. The journey fare that you will have to pay for the taxi is $120 to $140. The journey cost is too high when compared to the train fare. If money is not a concern, then you can go for Taxi, else you can choose to travel by train.

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