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I recently traveled to Austria for my annual holiday in the company of my husband. This holiday was an eye opener as it helped me to not only appreciate history but also understand why republics and empires through history covet this nation. Getting around Austria is easy as there are Trams that are efficient, cheap and quick. We first stopped in Innsbruck that is nestled at the heart of Alps and is among Europe’s most idyllic cities.

There are many places that you can visit while here like Altstadt von Innsbruck. We took a short walk on the narrow streets of this old town where we sampled the town’s atmosphere. We also got to see numerous bars and restaurants even though we did not sample any of them. We had hoped to get some souvenirs from the gift shop but the items were somewhat overpriced so we decided to chill and enjoy the breath of fresh air from the mountain. It is worth noting that this part of town is also charming and clean making a walk around it great. The old buildings are lovely with an amazing backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Another great place to visit is Hungerburg Funicular that is a new way of getting up the mountain.

Travel to Austria

The Funicular leaves the Congress station at an interval of every fifteen minutes and the trip gives amazing views of the city. I could not get enough of the spectacular views of the blue sky, white snow as well as perfect panorama. This is perhaps the most beautiful scenery I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend this experience to you because it is not only cost effective but also great for sightseeing.

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is also a great attraction to visit as it plays host to various classic paintings as well as Tirolean weapons. A visit to this museum will leave you with a positive surprise as there are quite a number of things that are exhibited. Even then, you need to know that the lots of thing that are exhibited here like closets, chairs, clothes as well as a game of chess can overwhelm you. In fact, this could even ruin the museum experience but we sure had a good time.  The highlight of the museum was the rooms that have been recreated while maintaining the original artifacts. These show how people lived in the old days in the countryside. I recommend that you include this museum in your itinerary for your next visit to Austria.

We also went for the Tyrolean Evenings with the Gindolf family that is a must attend whenever you visit Austria because the musical performances are great. The performances include typical Tyrolean songs, yodeling, folk dances, Tyrolean music as well as shoe slapping. The entire experience was fun as we enjoyed seeing old music traditions being maintained. Another great place that is worth stopping by is the Court Church of Innsbruck (Hofkirche) that was built with the aim of housing the tomb if Maximillan I. This church is beautiful with impressive bronze details and Maximilian’s tomb that stand out. there are two entrances to the church; at the ground floor that is also the regular entrance and through the Tyrolian Folk Art Museum.

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Travel to Austria

Nordpark Cable Railways is another must do while in Austria as it offers unbelievable views from the top. You can also have your lunch or dinner here but most importantly ensure that you stop to see the ice bar. Going up the mountain with cable cars is quite exciting. You will also love to see people snowboarding and skiing. This was my first time on a funicular railway so I totally enjoyed the ride. What I liked about the funicular experience is that the fare was included in the Innsbruck Pass. You cannot complete your visit of Austria without going to the Imperial Palace that is strategically located at the centre of the Tirol’s Alpine landscape. The art is very interesting but the furniture is little. The few rooms that were furnished were quite impressive that they offer a great memory. Overall, it is well worth the entry fee as there is an audio guide is excellent. The giant’s hall is stunning and the palace has adjustable mirrors that allow you to view the amazing ceiling art. I would recommend that you also listen to the audio guides as they offer an interesting overview of the Hofburg dynasty.

Travel to Austria

We also went for the Bergisel Ski Jump that requires you to keep your eyes open as there is something for everyone. The wide street is dotted with bars and shops where you can either go shopping or enjoy some good time. The staff at most of these shops are amazingly polite. We popped in one of the restaurants where we had yummy Austrian food. Even then, brace yourself to mingle with many tourists. One more thing, do not forget to take advantage of the numerous photo opportunities like the Golden Roof.

Travel to Austria

For a wide angle view of the Austrian History, you need to go for Tirol Panorama that is a modern museum. This museum offers an impressive survey of Tirol’s Turbulend history as well as the effect on the country. This museum’s centre piece is its gigantic panoramic painting that is also referred to as Riesenrundgemalde. There are numerous other exhibits that are equally amazing. We had been advised to combine our ticket with Schloss Ambras and this was a great move because we got an opportunity to see the entire city from the sightseeing bus. This requires about 40 minutes to see the panorama of the city after which you can settle in one of the restaurants for a cup of tea. Overall, Schloss Ambras was a very beautiful place and such an awesome surprise with large and rich ornaments. The great wall was also very impressive.

Alpenzoo is another place that you must not miss as it is quite interesting. The zoo has numerous animals even though some seemed bored but a majority looked happy. The enclosures are great and the place quiet. We also enjoyed some brilliant views from here as it is fairly up the mountain. Our other stop while in Austria was the Town Tower (Stadtturm), an observation tower that is well worth a look. We climbed a few flights of stairs before getting to the viewing deck that is simply breathtaking. While here we took some photos that I still admire. If you have phobia for heights, you do not have to be too worried because this height is manageable.

Travel to Austria

One of the reasons why you must consider going up the observation deck is that the views do not match any of the views you can get from the surrounding mountains. We managed to visit other attractions that I will not share with you at this point. In conclusion, Austria is a beautiful country with hundreds of amazing attractions that are definitely worth visiting. Therefore, if you are planning to go on holiday soon, you will do well to consider Austria. However, be sure to plan your holiday ahead of your travel date so that you do not miss the major attractions or even waste time getting around due to poor planning. 

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