Vienna: The City Of Inventors, Thinkers And Artist

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No matter what you may be looking for in a city, Vienna got you all covered. There are a lot of things that have made Vienna stand out from the crowd, like the presence of great artists, composers, thinkers or inventors. This has been the home to Strauss, Klimt, Freud, Mozart. The capital of Austria has become a haven for culture and it is indeed a must visit when it comes to classical concert. You may spend a lot of time in this city and still not cover all the places of interest, concert halls and museums.  There are so many things that this city have to offer all through the year, not forgetting the Christmas markets.


Vienna is clean, quiet and safe with this gentle pace that is orderly and you can always find a seat without rushing inside a tram or train.  There is this sense of belonging when you are here. To appease the tourists, the most fascinating places in the city are walk-able and the entrance fees to some of these places are cheap.

Some evenings you may see the Vienna Royal Orchestra perform an evening of Mozart and Strauss at the House of Industries. This is an intimate and beautiful building that has this great main hall that is spectacular.


There are a lot of things that you can see in Vienna like the 12th Century UNESCO Heritage-listed,  St Stephen’s Cathedral, a gothic giant  that dominates  the city skyline and it also  offers these fantastic views, that is  if you would have that energy  the energy to climb the staircase.

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There are four towers with lots of steps that you can see the biggest free swinging bell in the city, Pummerin. There is a lift on the top of the North Tower.

If you are the romantic type, you can make use of the horse-drawn carriage tour that would cost you some little cash.  The square’s cafes are cool  and the Viennese like their coffee and cakes and are excellent at both.


Maybe, you can spend the entire day at the Schonbrunn Palace which is magnificent . this is a huge a 1,441-room Baroque wonder and is slightly out of town. At theHaus der Musik,  that has four floors of interactive discovery is for those who love violin.

The  Museum of Natural History  is stunning and the Technology Museum which is a five -fascinating floor would get you mesmerized. There are more things that you can  find here in Vienna like the Sigmund Freud Museum, the Globe Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Art History Museum, The Leopold Museum, the Zoom Children’s Museum, the Transport Museum and many more.


Have you seen why Vienna has become one of the most visited cities in the world? You just cannot finish enjoy the exciting activities that are lined up for you.  The experience is refreshing and the joy and excitement is awesome. This is what has made Vienna a must visit city when you are in this part of the world

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