Vienna To Florence By Train

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Vienna is a city rich with elegant buildings and the Imperial Palace is to visit absolutely. It is a piece of history nestled in the historic center of Vienna, the winter residence of the Habsburgs. Do not miss also their summer residence nearby; the Schonbrunn Palace.

Vienna To Florence By Train


The view of Florence City from the Piazzale Michelangelo is simply spectacular. It is worth a visit to see the city in all its glory especially at night. This attraction is one of the few free parking lots and the only one with the breathtaking view of Florence.

Here are the available modes of transport from Vienna to Florence.

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Vienna To Florence By Train

There are 3 direct railway transport companies that travel from Vienna to Florence. The travel time between two cities is 11 hours and 48 minutes. The earliest railway trip begins at 06:00 AM and the last at 19:30 PM. The cheapest train fare begins at € 89. To get the full railway travel information, visit this site:

Vienna To Florence By Train

Vienna To Florence By Bus

The distance between Vienna to Florence is 856 kms. The travel time via bus transport is 9 hours and 30 minutes. There is only one bus transport company that travel from Vienna to Florence. The first flight begins at 06:00 PM and the last trip leaves at 08:30 PM. The cheapest bus fare from Vienna to Florence is offered at € 55.

By land travel, it is more comfortable and affordable because of the sights you see along the wayand the travel duration is estimated at 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Vienna To Florence By Plane

There are two direct flights and international airlines that travel from Vienna to Florence on a scheduled basis. The travel time is approximately one hour and forty five minutes. The lowest air plane rate is offered at € 280. The earliest flight leaves at 11:00 AM and the last available flight leaves at 12:50 PM. To get the full details and compare rates and flight service, check out this site:

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