Top Five Tourist Destinations In Bahamas

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The top five tourist destinations in Bahamas hover around the beaches. Precisely, Bahamas are famous for its pristine beaches and parks. There are certain eye-catching places which are still the landmarks of the Bahamas. These tourist destinations are filled with all those qualities which are best served by a top class travel destination. No doubt, Bahamas has always earned the place of being the best known tourist destination. This is why we have gone the extra miles to show you some great destinations.

First is: Beaches


Bahamas is famous for the beaches and two most popular beaches of Bahamas are Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach. The cabbage beach is famous for all types of coconut trees, casuarinas and sea grapes. This beach is more than two miles long. The Paradise beach is closest to the Atlantis resort and eases those who are staying closer to this beach. The beach covers all the famous tourist hotels; tourists, who are staying near this hotel, are definitely going to enjoy the beautiful beaches and its breezy atmosphere.

Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park

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The Lucayan National Park gives the tourists to enjoy numerous activities. This involves cave exploration, as well as interesting rock formations while kayaking down a mangrove lined creek. No doubt, swimming is very much popular in this Park; the blue water, and its serenity are definitely out of the box. All the tourists, who attend this National Park, enjoy swimming in the pool. This makes the Lucayan National Park the second most tourist destination in Bahamas.

Andros Island

Andros Island

This island offers the abundant beach life and gives way to the tasting of the marine water. The snorkeling of the underwater dive is definitely aspiring. This island is the largest barrier reefs in the world. The tourists can enjoy the coral reefs which form the basic part of the island is very handsome. The coral formation stretches out to 100 miles. Andros Island has taken the third most places in terms of best tourist destination in Bahamas.

Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island

Who can forget the famous movie of Blue Lagoon? The beautiful beach complimenting the sea and its coral reef is very impressive. The Blue Lagoon Island is located in Nassau; its main attraction showcases the dolphins and its beautiful way of playing in water. Special docks are created for the tourists, who can sit, and enjoy the shows of the beautiful serene dolphins. This Blue Lagoon Island offers beautiful scenery and its complimenting ambience for the tourists to enjoy them actively.

Outdoor Aquarium of Paradise Island

Paradise Island

The aquarium life of Paradise Island is something to enjoy. Paradise Island and its water body have to offer the Outdoor Aquarium to the tourists. The best part of this Paradise Island is the presence of 11 lagoons and the presence of 200 species of water animals. There is a Acrylic tunnel which undermines the sea and gives the place to so many aquatic animals like Jelly fish, lobsters, and piranhas. This is the reason Paradise Island received the fifth position in terms of tourist destination in Bahamas.

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