Don't Miss Places In Bangladesh

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Bangladesh was once part of the Indian province of Bengal. By the late 1940s, it had become the eastern half of Pakistan. In 1971, civil war broke out when East Pakistan fought to break away from the control of West Pakistan.

Don't Miss Places in Bangladesh

India fought on the side of East Pakistan and helped it to become the new nation of Bangladesh. Since independence, there have been periods of military rule, but today Bangladesh is governed by a democratically elected parliament. Bangladesh is a huge and thickly populated nation. Notwithstanding, the cool visitor may think that it is hard to explore this nation, where tourism by Westerners is basically obscure.

Don't Miss Places in Bangladesh

These are the top attractions and not to be missed places in Bangladesh.


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Liberation War Museum (Dhaka)

If there is one authentic or social site that you must first visit in Dhaka, this ought to be it. The historical center contains narratives about the Bengalis love for their dialect and their fearless battle to keep it, reaching a state of perfection in the 1971 Liberation War and the creation of Bangladesh. The gallery has in excess of 10,000 artifacts, photographs and daily paper clippings – most of the displayed images look frightful and difficult to process. However it gives the viewer an idea of how brave the Bangladeshi’s are. The Liberation War Museum is placed close to the Shilpakala Academy and easily accessible from the city center via CNG bus from Gulshan.   

Liberation War Museum

The exhibits begin in typical settings yet steadily get to be more realistic before building up and finally finishing in a room brimming with individual things (each of which accompanies a short story); a huge heap of human skulls and bones; and some exceptionally aggravating photographs of spoiling cadavers with tied hands being consumed by canines and vultures. Despite the fact that the showcases may not seem as an ideal start to explore a city, this exhibition hall remains an obligatory stop for everybody.


Hatir Jheel

The Hatir Jheel is a perfect place in the heart of Dhaka city that is nice to visit and hang out with family and companions. This spot has been now extremely popular due to its cool and quiet magnificence basically at night. From this part, you can view the dusk from the flyover that looks truly astounding seeing the nightfall reflection from the adjacent lake.

Hatir Jheel

If you don’t like the crowded atmosphere during the day, you can go during sunset when there are less swarms of people until the late evening. Guests can convey a cam as well and take snaps for a good souvenir shot of Hatir Jheel. Although this attraction is still young and currently being developed, it is still worth a visit and has fast become the favorite meeting point and landmark of Dhaka City today.


Lalbagh Fort (Fort Aurangabad)

Lalbagh Fort (Fort Aurangabad) is an unfinished seventeenth century Mughal complex that stands right next to the Buriganga River in old Dhaka. The structural engineering of the structures is astounding. An hour is sufficient enough to lean riots significant role to the independence of Bangladesh. It is an oasis of peace in the middle of a chaotic and busy city. The central region of the complex is filled with three important structures; the Diwan-i-Aam, the Mosque, and the Tomb of Pari Bibi.  A pathway with fountains at consistent interims associates the three structures within the premises of this complex.

Lalbagh Fort

The main landmark you can enter is the Diwan, a rich two-story structure containing a little but magnificent exhibition hall of Mughal and its exhibits like; little artworks, coins, floor coverings and calligraphy, alongside swords and guns. In the same building, a huge angled entryway prompts the hammam (shower house).


Khadimnagar National Park (Sylhet City)

Khadimnagar National Park

The Khadimnagar National Park of Sylhet City was first known as Khadimnagar Reserve Forest. Khadimnagar National Park is a standout amongst the most critical secured territories of Bangladesh, on account of its intriguing biodiversity and the rich flora and fauna. It is a creative blend of lush vegetation and evergreen woods. The recreation center is around 9 km long and there are three diverse hiking trails inside the park; Trekking, Cycling and Sight – Seeing.  A visit to the encompassing Tea Estates and Tea Plucker's town is additionally pleasant.


Dulahazra Safari Park (Chittagong City)

The Dulahazra Safari Park is a biggest and delightful safari complex in Bangladesh.  It is located at least 105 km far from the port city of Chittagong.  It has offices for eco-tourism, examination work and stimulation besides monitoring wild creatures in a regular habitat. This wildlife sanctuary is home to no less than 3,000 creatures of 170 animal species. After the new government assumed control in January 2007, joint strengths protected a large portion of these new occupants of the recreation center amid their drives at houses and foundations.  

Dulahazra Safari Park

Many people likewise gave a percentage of the creatures to the recreation center amid this period. The donated and captured wildlife animals as of late sent to the recreation center incorporate 100 spotted deer, 45 woofing deer, 4 sambar deer, a pair of fresh water and sea water crocodiles, ten dark bears, five pythons, 20 peacocks, 19 fowls and 5 emus. For lovers of nature and biodiversity this is the right place to visit.


Cox’s Bazar Beach

The Cox’s Bazar Beach is an attraction without much nightlife but a good starting point to see in the Chittagong District, a bustling city in southeastern Bangladesh with a beach where you can soak up the sun, laze around the sun beds and umbrellas with a sea that is always calm and moderate. This secluded beach has grayish sand and if you walk barefoot you will find yourself with dirty feet covered in black. The water current here is not so strong and there are various umbrellas and sun beds that are for rent by the local resorts here.

Cox's Bazar Beach

If you want to go for a swim you have to let someone always on call to tend to personal items just to be safe. On the roads leading to the beach you will find several shops of jewelry and ornaments all made from seashells. Nothing special really but you can end up with lots of souvenirs to bring back home.

Towards the evening, the crowds go bigger as more people flock to the beach to watch the sunset because it is a must to have a picture with the sunset behind. The nightlife consists of a "KFC" and in a café called "Marmaid". Forget the straw huts by the sea with the bottle of Corona on the table, because you will not find and alcoholic beverages here On the other hand, you can use Cox's Bazar as a base to visit Maheshkhali, Tekhnaf and Saint Martin, the nearby island attractions that are also worth the trip.


Saint Martin Island

The Saint Martin Island is basically astounding. You can snorkel on perfectly clear water; sandy shoreline, colorful coral, and the wide blue sky made this place a standout amongst the loveliest islands in the world.

Saint Martin Island

But there are few things to be noted; don’t visit is for just a day or once while you’re in Bangladesh. Try to stay at least two days because the entire island cannot be seen all in one day. There are numerous boat cruises going there, each and every day. They usually begin at an early hour in the morning because it will take almost three hours to reach the island.  


Mainimati Ruins

The Mainimati Ruins are located near the town of Comilla 90 kilometers southeast of Dhaka. Here you can visit over 50 excavated Buddhist sites which are quite scattered and of which only the foundations can be seen.

Mainimati Ruins

It is close to the Mainimati Museum with well-preserved terracotta and bronze statues. The remnants of a former Buddhist temple and other historic government buildings can also be found here. Be sure to visit in a good weather and not in summer because it can get to be pretty exhausting walking along the ruins with the scorching heat of the sun.


Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is one of the absolute highlight in the Chittagong District. To appreciate all its features you must take the boat tour f the Kaptai Lake. On the islands there are live minorities and you can see several villages and be invited for tea time.

Kaptai Lake

You can also go for a swim on its calm and clear waters. You can also tour the nearby forests with its impressive, huge trees and a chance to meet the hospitable locals in their colorful costumes. The boat trip on the lake and to the islands is not only relaxing; it is also a good option to explore the social and eco tourism of the city.


Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara (Paharpur City)

Once upon a time there was the biggest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas. It is survived right now by the impressive ruins of a huge central stupa that is 20-meters in height, which are located around the perimeter of the foundations of 177 monastic cells and various outbuildings and decorated with bas-reliefs in terracotta that are still well preserved.

Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara

At the Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara, there is a museum that gives a good idea of how beautiful they have made use of the carved walls of the main temple. The Vihara of Paharpur was one of the five most important Buddhist universities of this dynasty and the largest at the southern part of the Himalayas. A cruciform plan is unique and at the center of the archaeological area. By the way, this architectural feature is just one of the two Bangladeshi monuments inscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage List. It is an interesting place to visit in the city of Paharpur.


Mahasthangarh Fortress

Mahasthangarh Fortress

The Mahasthangarh Fortress is located along the ruins of the old town in Bangladesh, and on the territory of this old fort stands an archaeological museum with terracotta statues and reliefs, bronze figurines and various ornaments found at the site in the region. From the fort, which was built in the 3rd century BC and is considered the oldest city in Bangladesh, there are only walls and memories of a once flourishing community.


Kantajew Temple (Dinajpur)

The Kantajew Temple is far from every possible tourist destination but it is definitely the most beautiful Hindu temple in the entire Bangladesh. It is located between the rice fields in the far north of the country and has a charm that is unexpected from a secluded attraction.

Kantajew Temple

Once you get inside thousands of terracotta figures finely adorn the entire facade of the temple on all four sides. In November has an interesting Hindu festival that sees half of over 100,000 visitors.


Shait-Gumbad Mosque (Bagerhat)

The Shait-Gumbad Mosque or Mosque Sixty Dome was built in the 15th century and is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. On the roof of this mosque are more than seventy domes. Inside the mosque, there are a lot of passes and columns supporting the roof. You can also find beautiful rows of arches between the columns.

Shait-Gumbad Mosque

The walls are very thick but it helps to make the mosque pleasantly cool. There are no special decorations inside except for niches and columns with carved stone and terracotta. The temple has its own large area with two huge fenced trees. It is a historical place full of legends and myths, sacred crocodiles, shrines and business-minded Muslims.



Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world and one of the main reasons why tourists flock to Bangladesh. It is located in the delta of the Ganges, and you can get there only by the river. Initially, you can plan and take a hike directly from Khulna then go by bus to Mongla, which stands on the River Pasur. The minute you arrive there immediately ask for The Southern Tours Travel. A boat must be hired (calculated for 8 people). You can see dolphins and a lot of birds along the way. The excursions from the boat are very impressive. With the skilled boatman rowing along the narrow creeks for Animal Watching. Through the forest you can walk to the beach, where the surrounding villages and houses standing on mud at low tide look awesome.


The night safari can also be explored along with a guide who knows the forest well and where the tigers usually linger. You can also see herds of deer. The boat can also bring you to the Kotka UNESCO, where a walk on the wooden flooring will lead you to the deep mangroves. And in the dark you have the chance to see crocodiles, squirrels, wild boars, monkeys, lizards, snakes in a safari tour that you will not regret. The tour to the largest mangrove alone is impressive. It is nature untouched by man, plus, the flora and fauna of the place is huge. For every tourist it is something to see, especially for the nature lovers.


Birishiri, Netrokona (Mymensing)

Birishiri, Netrokona actually does not have major attractions but it is still worth a visit. The place is like a big parking lot for buses with some hotel, shop and restaurant in the area. There you can find, among other things, the various YMCA, YWCA, and Catholic schools like Don Bosco, etc. It is also here in Mymensing where you can find a well-organized and "aggressive" system to bicycle rickshaws with the driver, who will take you ' on two routes: 1) Itinerary short, to the north, for leisure trip to the hills on the border with India (among other things you can climb a hill of 400 meters, on the top there is' a beautiful view and also hosts various parakeets). On this tour you cross also Durgapur (the City 'residential) an area of Birishiri (type "Buda-Pest" for instance) and you can visit the residence of the Raja of Hajong (modern house in country style typical but far more decorated and well kept).

Birishiri, Netrokona

The Raja apparently is most of the time in India and it is quite rare to find him at his official residence. And for the second route, the rickshaw driver can take you to a long route to the north-west, where you must cross the river Sumeshwori on a wooden barge (the rickshaws go with you), then you can visit the picturesque Ramakrishna Mission, then continuing the tour you can reach the Ranikong, ancient church and monumental structure built on top of a hill. Coming back, you can visit a picturesque restaurant with hollow ceramic with 2-3 ponds emerald green that is rather special.  You can also enjoy a fresh coconut under a palm tree, and after this tour you can safely return to Birishiri.

Bangladesh offers a variety of attractions to explore in all its 19 key cities. Each city has something to offer for every curious traveler. The attractions range from old temples, to parks, beaches and nature reserves, eco-tourism villages, and an exciting safari adventure at the mangrove forest. Bangladesh is also blessed with a warm atmosphere and friendly people. A tour of Bangladesh is an eye opening experience, a chance to see the old part mixed with the modern times. 

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