Holidays In Barbados

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holidays in barbadosIf you want to wake up to the rhythm of the tropics and to a paradise of turquoise sea, then Barbados it is! Barbados is a tiny dot and is the eastern most island in the Caribbean. I love the sand, sea and surf and decided to visit Barbados for a holiday. The journey to Barbados was pretty long, but I soon got over my weariness when I looked out of the plane window and the saw the beauty of the island down below.

I visited Barbados in summer, as I knew there would be plenty of things to do and see and more over, I wanted to get to see Carnival!!! Barbados is a fun and dynamic island with plenty of things to keep you busy, no matter how long or short your stay is. So plan ahead what you want to see and do because before you know it, it will be time for you to head back home.

The Cane Over Festival, which basically celebrates the harvesting of the sugar cane, turns Barbados into one big party and the island is filled with sound of drums and music and costumes and people just having a lot of fun. This celebration showcases Barbadian culture through art & craft, music & dance, folk, masquerading and revelry. I got to visit The Calypso Tents and got to participate in all the masquerades and parades and signed up for some amazing costumes from one of the many Kadooment Bands that take part in the huge carnival in the street. The festival takes on an explosive and colorful theme.

Barbados by night is lively and happening. When the sun sets and the beaches clear, the night zones and clubs spring up filling the island with a pulsating rhythm. The island has other calmer things to do too. I ventured into going on a sunset cruise under the romantic starry skies and ended my day by enjoying a spectacular, colorful dinner- show -The Bajan Roots.

holidays in barbadosOne of the things I did enjoy was called the Beautiful Barbados Coastal Sightseeing Tour. This tour shows you the splendor of  Barbados to its very word .The route begins along the South Coast, beginning with Bridgetown the capital of Barbados and takes you to Accra Beach, Oistins, Miami Beach, Crane Beach, Foul Bay,  Bathsheba, Bottom Bay, the East Coast, North point and the Cherry Tree Hill. From the north, I headed back down the west coast through Speightstown and Holetown.This cruise was worth every bit of my time and was truly spectacular and I have plenty of pictures to prove it! The good thing was that it included lunch.

Barbados though bubbling in land activities of all kinds has an exotic world of underwater beauty. Am not exactly very brave when it comes to water but I just could not resist the thought of missing all the underwater beauty that Barbados has to offer. The shallow waters of the island have beautiful coral reefs and wrecks to explore mainly on the west coast and some off the south coast. I was overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope of colorful ridges of pink coral and plant life both from the Atlantic and Caribbean marine life. French angel fish, Green turtles, Barracudas and a variety of Parrot fish are some of the species I managed to see. The experience was truly magical.

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Having enjoyed the underwater experience I wanted to see the endangered Hawksbill and Green Turtles. I signed up for the amazing Thriller Powerboat snorkel tour. I blasted off on the “Thriller 05” across the lovely waters and holidays in barbadosenjoyed the exhilarating scenery to two fabulous snorkel sites. We got whisked away to Turtle Bay and enjoyed and up and personal meeting with the un intrusive, gentle creatures. We got to feed the Green Turtles and it was truly incredible. We then got taken on another adventure to explore the infamous Berwyn Wreck in Carlisle Bay. This is a protected bay and is home to a variety of tropical fish and marine life. I was totally awestruck by the natural beauty. The tour included a lovely BBQ and the bar was open right through so we cold quench our thirst anytime.

I love hiking and I was told by a friend of mine to try and contact Stephen Mendes of Hike Barbados. I had managed to contact Stephen earlier and fixed the entire hiking trip with him. We were four of us and we had chosen the 6 mile hike along the Eastern side of the island. The next four hours we had a wonderful adventure of strolling and climbing and ascending and descending, through tucked away villages ,through the jungle, along backroads of the country, along cliff edges and shoreline and through open fields. It was amazing from start to finish. The coastal walk along the rail bed was truly stunning. Stephen Mendes’ Hike Barbados is an experience I will never forget and is a must do when visiting Barbados.

I was curious to see what the Green Monkeys of Barbados looked like and decided to go to the wildlife reserve in Saint Peter Parish. I carried some bananas with me and got to feed the adorable creatures. What I loved about the Reserve was that there were no fences and the paths were winding and meandering, so it felt like I was taking a walk in a big jungle filled with deer and parrots and other incredible creatures!

Another must see when in Barbados is the wonders of Harrisons’s Caves. Its located in the central uplands of the island and is truly breathtaking and beautiful. The crystallized lime stone cavern is an absolute and true testament of holidays in barbadosnature. Deep pools of crystal clear water ,flowing streams and towering columns of crystallized lime stone characterize this living cave. I could only stand and stare and gaze at the wonder of the white flow stones and the beauty of the speleothems that adorn the cave.

The last few days of my trip I decided to be a bit adventurous and decided to go deep sea fishing. Cruising along Barbados with a fishing rod in my hand, feeling the sun’s rays on my back and the breeze of the ocean was an indescribable feeling! All I had to do was sit down and relax and wait for the first strike! I didn’t have to wait too long and before I knew it I had caught a lovely Barracuda.

Barbados had never a dull moment and by the end of my holiday I had done so many things I could hardly keep count of how many pictures I had taken.


The people in Barbados are extremely friendly are more than happy to help you find your way around. Since English is the official language I didn’t have a problem at all finding my way around .Barbadians are always smiling and ready to party and have a good laugh or two!


No visit to Barbados is complete without having this popular libation in hand.

1 of sour =1 part West Indian lime juice

2 of sweet = 2 part simple syrup

3 of strong = 3 parts aged Barbadian Rum

4 of weak = 4 parts water or chipped ice

Add a dash of bitters – and a beautiful Barbadian beach and enjoy!!



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