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 Barbados is the first place that comes into my mind whenever I think about exotic beach holidays.

travel to barbadosI have visited Barbados for two times but still I want to explore more of it. It’s a beautiful Island. I was single when I visited Barbados for the very first time. But last time, I had my girlfriend with me. Barbados is very special for us because it brings us closer. Beauty, Romance and Adventure; these three words gives the brief description of Barbados. We earned many memories from this travel. We will surely visit there again.

Our beautiful and memorable journey started from Bridgetown. This city is famous for its splendid beaches. Your girlfriend or wife would love this city because there are numerous options for shopping in Bridgetown. There are plentiful tourist attractions in this city. We started from Bottom Bay. It’s a fabulous beach. The beautiful white sand, coconut and palm trees and the crystal clear water make it Perfect. It’s a great place for relaxing mind. If your girlfriend is with you then you will find this beach extremely romantic. The water currents are very strong, so be careful while swimming. We did not do any activity on this beach. We just sat and spent some quality time together. I would highly recommend this beach to all. It is the most liked tourist attraction of Barbados.

We both love horse racing and watching it live is always great. Garrison Savannah – Barbados turf club is the place where you could watch horse racing in Bridgetown. We watched the grand horse racing and had fun at the place. It’s a great place for a day out. Don’t miss this place when you go to Bridgetown. We came out of the club after the end of race. The sun was about to set and we really wanted to see the beautiful view of sunset. So, we headed to South coast Boardwalk. It is situated at a walking distance from Garrison Savannah. The views from this place were fantastic. travel to barbadosCool breeze was blowing and touching our faces. Sun was setting and some birds were flying over the ocean. It was the perfect scenery. The thing that we enjoyed the most was the gorgeous boardwalk. You must enjoy that stunning boardwalk with your partner at least once in your life. It would become a memorable walk. I would love to recommend this place to every person who is planning a travel to Barbados.

Another great place of Bridgetown is Stavronikita. If you are a deep – sea diver then this place is your heaven. I enjoyed the diving but my girlfriend didn’t try it. The visibility was excellent. I saw many beautiful species of marine life inside the water. It was a great and unique experience. If you are a good diver then you must visit this place. It is simply remarkable. After this we went to Foul Bay. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Barbados. If you are tired of overcrowded beaches then this is your place. It’s a non-commercialized gem in the lap of east-coast. This beach is a real splendor. We were blown away with its gorgeousness. The stunning surroundings of this beach make it even more beautiful. We spent some unforg


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ettable time at this place. We would surely visit this beach again in our next Barbados tour. You must visit Foul Bay. You would love to visit here again and again.

After Bridgetown, Hastings was our next destination. It’s a great Island and worth visiting. We had booked a Ted’s Tour. A visit to this splendid island could never be completed without Ted’s tour. Most of the tourists plan their Hasting travel with Ted’s tour. Actually Ted is a tour operator and a guide as well. He is really an encyclopedia and he always remains bare footed. He would take you to the Island tour and keep you laughing all the way. He would explain every scene and place very beautifully. Ted’s tour is a great way to take a glance of this beautiful Island. I would highly recommend Ted’s Tour to all the tourists. It’s the most liked tourist attraction of this island. You would love it.

travel to barbadosThere are some extremely beautiful beaches in Hasting. The most wonderful beach of this island is Rockley beach. You must have seen the white sand on many beaches but Rockley beach is popular for its pink sand. The combination of pink sand and blue water gives a magical touch to this beach. It looks very scenic. You would love to capture this unique and gorgeous beauty in your camera. This splendid beach is dotted with many bars and restaurants. Rockley Beach is highly recommended to all the tourists. It is one of the best Caribbean beaches. You would definitely appreciate the beauty of this beach.

Allamanda beach Boardwalk is another ‘must do’ in Hasting that should not be missed. We went there early in the morning. The view was breathtaking. The sun was rising and the dim sunlight was falling on the ocean. The water was shining. It was simply perfect. This boardwalk starts from Rockley beach and runs towards Bridgetown. It is perfect for a romantic walk. We were so fascinated by the view that we decided to see the sunset views from this boardwalk. Well, just like the sunrise; the views of sunset were spectacular. This place is really worth a visit. You could see many people clicking photographs of spectacular sunrise and sunset views. If you are planning to visit Barbados then make sure to add this place to your list.

Don’t leave Hasting without visiting Hasting Beach. It is the best beach on Hasting Island and a great place for relaxing. You could enjoy swimming and sunbath. The beach is very clean and long; so you could enjoy walking on this beautiful beach. The real delight of Hasting Beach is to watch turtles and green monkeys. We were amazed to watch them. I recommend this beautiful beach to all.

After spending some wonderful time in Hasting, we headed to Speightstown. My girlfriend was not a good diver but she really wanted to have the thrilling experience of diving. We called Reefers and Wreckers Dive Shop and fixed a time to visit them. They are very famous in Barbados. It was a great experience with them. They really made my girlfriend an excellent diver. We enjoyed the underwater diving. It was great to see colorful reefs and fishes. The diving crew travel to barbadostook us to Sta

You must not miss Hunte’s Garden. This garden is very unique and special. There are thousands of beautiful and colorful flowers in this garden. There is a small waterfall also which adds to its beauty. Everything is well organized. This garden would take your heart away. I have never seen such stunning garden anywhere around the world. It is definitely worth to visit. Hunte’s garden would add a charm to your travel.vronikita. We had visited this place earlier in our journey but at that time we didn’t try the real adventure of this place. We enjoyed the diving from 365ft wreck of Stavronikita. It was the most thrilling experience of my life. This dive shop is bliss for the beginners and diving lovers. You must visit them to feel the real thrill of diving.

Our journey ended on a beautiful note. Barbados is really a Paradise filled with abundant beauty. From sunrise to sunset; every moment is filled with beauty. The time that we spent in Barbados is unforgettable. We have already planned our next trip to Barbados. The reason for travelling to Barbados again and again is not just the spectacular beauty of the Island but also the people of Barbados. They are called Bajans. They are very friendly and always make you feel welcome. If you have never visited Barbados then do it now! It’s a lovely Island.


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