Brussels To Antwerp By Train

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A wonderful place in Belgium which has many things to offer to the tourists like the beautiful designs Cathedrals, churches, Museum of fine arts and the excellent landscape.

Brussels to Antwerp by Train

You should plan a visit to Brussels if you are on a holiday in Belgium.


One of the best locations in Belgium is Antwerp and when you are coming to this place with your family, then you are going to have the best time. This can be the place that you are looking for your holidat.

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Here are the available transport options from Brussels to Antwerp

Brussels to Antwerp Train ticket

These two places are very close to each other and hence there are just a few options available for you to travel between Brussels and Antwerp. You have trains available for every 30 minutes between Brussels and Antwerp. The duration of your trip is going to be 40 minutes and the fare cost would be $8. This is the best option and it will save both time and money.

Brussels to Antwerp by Train

Brussels to Antwerp bus ticket

There is no direct bus facility available between Brussels to Antwerp. But you have the bus options like you will have to change buses in between to reach the place. The journey would be for 1 hour 58 minutes and sometimes it would be 2 hours 20 minutes also. During the tourist season, you will have private travel agencies arranging for bus facilities between these two places.

Brussels to Antwerp Flight ticket

There is no flight facility available between these two places as these two places are very close to each other.

You have taxis available between these two places and the time taken by taxi is less compared to what a train takes. You can reach Antwerp in 36 minutes from Brussels. But the amount that you will have to spend is more, and that is $110. But if you are driving by your car, then this $110 can be reduced to $7. There is no much time difference between these two place, it is just 4 minutes, so better opt for train journey to save money. 

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