Vacation Attraction Centers In Brussels

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The city of Brussels has a lot of tourist attractions for adults and kids, the city which is the largest city and capital of Belgium offers visitors  trendy restaurants, exotic hotels and bars with great nightlife activities. It has become a home to those who want to have a feel of the French civilization, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The architecture in this city spans from the traditional medieval houses that is seen on the Grand Place to the modern buildings.

Grand Place

Grand Place is a destination that a lot of visitors would want to visit first before other locations.  This is a 15th century sculpted town square that has become a historical part of the country . You can visit the Hotel de Ville which is the town hall in this place and is still been used by the people and situated in the Brussels city center. When you walk down this location, you would find yourself at an ancient market place where there are lots of tourists who are coming to buy different items.


The Peeing boy

The Peeing boy is this amazing bronze fountain statue where the local celebrate a lot of festivals that attracts thousands of tourists to it. When it comes to grand structures, Palais de Justice which is the Palace of Justice offers tourists one of the best cityscapes view, decorated with columns and a distinctive golden dome.

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Atomium is what Brussels admires the way Paris had attraction to their Eiffel Tower, it was in 1958 that it was constructed and has become an iron crystal replica that has been enlarged more than 165 billion times. The top of the Heysel area would give a spectacular view of Brussels.

Monnaie Opera House

Visitors with kids love the Mini-Europe Brussels which is a theme park that houses a lot of famous sites, scenery of the country and monuments. You may not want to miss visiting the La Monnaie Opera House, which hosts the best of music in the country. Monuments are beautiful, Brussels have its own share of these buildings and structures that is seen stretched from one of the city to another. Once, the Royal Palace houses the King but it is now taking care of some churches and museums. Every monument and building in Brussels has its own story to tell about the history of the country.

Brussels tourism

In Europe, Brussels Airport is the 25th busiest airport, in 2013 alone; it handled more than 19 million passengers.  It makes use of one terminal concept and two departure halls for its passengers. It was ranked the Best Airport in Europe in 2005 by Airports Council International/International Air Transport Association (ACI) and appeared in Europe ‘s top airport lists in 2012.

A visit to Brussels requires a cozy and affordable accommodation which the city provides for its numerous guests. These hotels ranges from the five star hotel to the budget , all equipped with modern facilities and security. Most of these hotels are designed to suit every type of visitor with beautiful architectures and good customer services.



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