My Vacations In Bermuda

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Beauty and Harmony; these two words provide a short description of Bermuda. This British overseas territory is located on the east coast of the United States. Bermuda is well-known for its gorgeous pink sand beaches and splendid private coves. The electrifying marine sports and calmness of the environment makes it the first choice of countless tourists. No sales tax is charged in Bermuda and this fact makes it the favorite destination of shopping lovers. Recently, I visited Bermuda with my girlfriend. We were thoroughly impressed by its natural charm. Bermuda has some awesome beaches where you could enjoy many activities and of course the beauty of the background. There are unlimited opportunities for scuba divers to enjoy the best diving experience. My girlfriend and I love sea surfing. We had one week beach holidays in Bermuda and we really enjoyed this time. In our travel, we visited almost every famous beach of Bermuda to enjoy the experience of different marine sports. We also saw some historical buildings during our vacations.

vacations in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach was the first beach that we visited during our Bermuda Travel. It is located at a five minutes walking distance from the bus stop. It’s a lovely pink sand beach. We were watching a pink sand beach for the very first time and we were very impressed.  The ocean and the pink sand together look amazingly beautiful. If you take some sand in your hands; you could observe its lovely pink color. It was a delight to sit on pinkish sand. It was great to be there. I have seen many beaches and islands in the Caribbean but this beach is the best of all. You could rent chairs and umbrellas to sit and enjoy the beauty of this beach. We rented two chairs and an umbrella and sat down to relax on this beautiful beach.

vacations in Bermuda

After some time, my girlfriend insisted to go for swimming. I agreed and we both went in the ocean to enjoy swimming in its crystal clear water. Some local people were also swimming in the ocean. They were very friendly and they tried to talk to us. It was a pleasure talking to them. They asked us to be careful while swimming because of the Portuguese man o’ war. Actually, it’s a sea creature which looks like a jelly fish. It is a well-known sea creature in Bermuda. Portuguese man o’ war could poison a person by stinging him. We took care of this thing throughout our holidays. Horseshoe Bay Beach is extremely beautiful and has nice facilities. We spent a few enjoyable hours at this gorgeous beach.

vacations in Bermuda

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Bermuda is paradise for the people who love marine activities. We both are very much fond of snorkeling and diving. We were looking forward to have some fun. Our zeal to experience some marine activities made us call Snorkel Bermuda to book a snorkel trip with them. It is the best company of Bermuda in organizing snorkeling and diving trips. They provide Bermuda’s only shipwreck snorkel trip. We were very excited for this shipwreck snorkel trip. It was a two hours long trip.

We saw enormous natural beauty during these two hours. We hadn’t imagined this side of Bermuda. It was really amazing. Our tour operator Sonny was very helping and informative. He was full of many interesting stories. Listening to him was entertaining. He kept up the entertainment during the whole trip. Ocean was looking awesome. Snorkeling with Snorkel Bermuda was a great experience. We saw innumerable colorful fishes in the water. I could still feel some fishes kissing my feet. J The visibility was excellent. We had taken our underwater camera with us and shot some magnificent pictures. Experience of snorkeling in Atlantic water encircled in beautiful views was an amazing experience.

vacations in Bermuda

We wanted to see the 360 degree views of Bermuda and for that we visited Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. This lighthouse is made up of cast iron and it is one of the oldest lighthouses of the world. You could see the stunning views of Bermuda from the top of it. We had to climb up about 185 steps to reach the top. There are many interesting snippets of history of this lighthouse on several landing areas. These snippets portray that how this lighthouse was built and also you could get to know some interesting stories about its construction. We had to burn many calories to reach to the top but the views were worth our effort.

vacations in Bermuda

The views from the top of this lighthouse were breathtaking. The surroundings were awe-inspiring and the Bermuda shoreline was looking awesome. You could never imagine how beautiful Bermuda is! If you want to see the actual magnificence of Bermuda, you must visit this lighthouse. You could watch the matchless views of Bermuda from the top of this lighthouse. There is also a small gift shop and a restaurant in the lighthouse premises. We bought a souvenir from the gift shop and tasted some delicious snacks in the restaurant. You must visit this place to watch the stunning views of Bermuda. You won’t be disappointed.

Warwick Long Bay Beach is another beautiful beach where we visited during our holidays. It’s a lovely half mile stretched beach. There are many small coves and rocks at this beach. There were only a few people at this beach and it was good for us. This beach doesn’t remain overcrowded; so if you want to spend some good time with your partner, then you must visit this beach. It’s a gorgeous beach and its environs make it even more beautiful. The serenity of this beach is its real charm. You could sit here for hours to enjoy the calmness and beauty of the environment. We enjoyed strolling along its magnificent half mile stretch. It was a very enjoyable experience. We loved being at this beautiful beach. It’s a perfect place for the people who want to spend some time away from the touristy places of Bermuda. You must visit Warwick Long Bay Beach to enjoy its beauty and tranquility.

Bermuda is a paradise for divers. There are many great diving wrecks and reefs from where you could probably enjoy some of the best diving experiences of your life. We both are good divers and we wanted to enjoy diving in Bermuda. So, we booked a diving trip with Triangle Diving. It is Hamilton based company which is well-known for organizing the diving trip. We had heard about their excellent services and that is why we called them up. Our decision didn’t disappoint us because they are really excellent in their work. The staff is very knowledgeable and helping. We conducted our diving trip very well. Our trip included two tank dives, one wreck dive and one reef dive. It was a perfect blend. The staff gave us some tips before the first dive. Their instructions made our diving experience even more enjoyable. We started with the tank dive and did it for two times. It was a great start to our diving trip. Wreck diving was the best of all. We dove from Pelinaion. It’s a fabulous wreck. We saw many species of fish. If you are a diver and you want to earn the best diving experience of your life then you must visit Bermuda. Triangle Diving organizes great diving trips. I would contact them again in my next Bermuda tour.

With this, our one week vacations in Bermuda came to an end. These days went fantastic; certainly some of the best, most enjoyable moments of my life. Pay a visit to this amazing place, and you’ll find this place no less than paradise.   

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