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Food is one of the necessities of life and most people can pay anything just to get a good food. The desire to explore other people’s cultures and languages and of course try new have led to eating exotic foods like eating camel meat which is very common in middle- east and some African countries,  squids is rampant in Spain. Inasmuch as we have so many tasteful meals at the same time there are some that are offensive, but we will be looking into those foods that are exotic.


Fried Tarantula

fried tarantula

Fried tarantula is one kind of food that is found everywhere in Cambodia. Tarantula is usually fried with garlic and a little salt which turns out to be crispy outside and inside after frying it.  


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The Chinese should be given an award when it comes to exotic meals. This is a strong and foul smelling yummy fruit that it has been banned in most places.

Wasp Crackers

wasp crackers

If there is anything that is so much loved among the East- Asians, it  is their insects. Wasp crackers has created a buzz all around the global market, it is a famous and cheap food that is found in Japan instead of the normal chocolate chip we now have a wasp crackers.

Century Eggs

 century eggs

The taste of century egg cannot be overemphasized because it is very much loved by the Chinese not minding how strong it may be.  It is prepared with the eggs of quail, chicken, and duck which are being covered in ashes, clay salt and preserved for months together, after which the insides of the eggs decay to form a greenish jelly in form of mixture that will be served, this reminds us of the way we do feel when passing by a science laboratory with ammonia and sulphur




One of the Scotland dish Haggis may not appeal to everyone but it sure have a great taste and texture, it is prepared with sheep liver, heart  and lungs, they are all mixed together with some chopped onions and spices , encased in the stomach of the sheep and simmered. 




Duck meat is a normal meat most people around the world enjoy eating , however, Balut which is mostly a  fertilized duck egg   is eaten mainly by the Philippines and serve with a twist. The eggs contains a grown duck embryo which is served with a hole, piercing the egg to drink the liquid in it before breaking the shell to devour the developing duck inside is a better way of enjoying it tastefulness . Most people eat it when the egg is just 17 days old while few others prefer it when it has developed beak and feathers which is in 21 days time.


Bear Claw

bear claw

Bear claw stew is a Chinese delicacy. It boost the health condition and makes one to be sexually active which is why they can pay any amount just to have a taste of this delicacy.

Live Cobra Heart

live cobra heart

Live cobra is not common to eat, but most people in Vietnam do eat it. One of the reasons of eating this live cobra is to endure the strength of a cobra.


Monkey brains

monkey brains

You can close your eyes!! This meal is eaten by some people in China. It is one of the favourite meals in some eateries in East Asian countries and china.

Casu Marzu

casu marzu

This is an unappetizing food that involves live insect larvae from a sheep mil cheese. The cheese is taken with these worms.

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