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Have you been to a carnival that would force you to have a rethink? We have listed some amazing festivals in Nigeria, Brazil  and the United States of America that would surely beat your imaginations. These festivals are different and unique in their own ways. You would have a lot of things to do when you come around during the festival. People around the world come here to have some amazing moments. You just got enough to blow your mind when you are here.

Eyo Festival


You can witness one of the most amazing and great festivals celebrations in Nigeria. A lot of people called this festival the Adamu Orisha Play, which is a Yoruba festival that has transformed the city of Lagos Island to be strikingly white in colour. This festival brings thousands of tourists from so many places around the world, who are excited to see these costumed dancers called the ‘Eyo’. They are the ones who perform for the tourists during the colourful festival.  So many people strongly believed that  Eyo Festival is a forerunner of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival which is world biggest carnival.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans USA

Mardi Gras

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Mardi Gras  is called  the fat Tuesday, this  refers to celebrations that begins on or before the Christian Three king’s day and ending just before Ash Wednesday. The name is used to reflect the fact that Fat Tuesday is the last day Christians get to eat before they start the fasting period of lent. Sometimes, to be able to get a coconut or trinklet, the paraders ask the onlookers to bare their breast. However organizers insist that this is not a tradition and onlookers are under no obligation to bare their bodies. It is usual to wear masks and parade around streets in New Orleans. Kings and Queens parading throw trinklets and coconut to the all too willing crowd who beg for them.


The Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Festival begins from Rio de Janeiro and there have never been anything close to this festival in the world. Indeed, it is the most famous and  biggest festival  that is held annual  before the Lent. You can see that  over two million people come out to see these people move around the streets of Brazil. It was in 1823 that this festival started and today, it has transformed this city to become the most visited and experienced festival in the world.  The many streets of Rio de Janeiro  are filled with floats, revelers and adornments that come from hundreds of samba schools that are found in the city of Rio.

Calabar Carnival

Calabar Carnival

Come to Calabar, Nigeria and have some of the finest carnivals in the world. You just can never beat this festival in its performance. The long feathered headdresses, the colourful costumes, the mesmerizing dancers and dance steps, the  street parades and the bands attract thousands of people to it. This is the celebration of creativity and culture that blends with both the traditional and modern lifestyle of the people of Cross River State.



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