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There are a lot of places where you can have some finest weather around  the world but there are still some countries where things are not exciting because of the  weather. The top five countries which have entered its name in terms of worst weather conditions are as follow:-

Greenland has to offer Summit Camp

Summit Camp

The geographical location of Summit Camp is located close to the Geographic center of Greenland. The summit sheet of cold ice has a thickness of around 10,600 feet above mean sea level. This is the home to the summit camp.  The United States National Science foundation came across the record of harshest polar conditions from 72° 36’ north latitude to 38°25’ west longitude. Its location at the extreme north and at such a high altitude makes it the highest level of cold temperatures. The warmest months are June and July and during that time the temperature remains relatively at 12.2°F, which is well below freezing.

Karakoram Himalayan offer K2 region


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The Mount Godwin Austin is the well known K2 region and stands above the 28,244 feet above sea level in the Karakoram Himalayan along the Pakistan and China border region. The temperature is -76°F in K2 region as the temperature falls far too low during the winter months. The winter is quite bitter during these months. No weather stations has been placed on the high slopes but due to the expeditions, it has been found that K2 region is one of the coldest place on earth with worst weather conditions. Clearly, the weather conditions can be deadliest and even pathetic at times.

The Coast Antarctica of Antarctica


The Coast Antarctica is a very cold as well as one of the worst weather regions. The coldest months of this area is August and the temperature lies at -25.2°F; while the warmest months include the January as it sees the average nighttime being of 22.1°F. The Coast Antarctica suffers from tumultuous storms and high level of tsunamis on the planet Earth. At Cape Denison, the Commonwealth Bay, a wind speeds around 129 miles/hour. The extreme temperature and horrible weather conditions make Cost Antarctica a list filling number among the other. The katabatic blast races 199mph.

Alaska along with Yukon Territory has to offer high Icefield ranges

High Icefield ranges

The Icefield ranges of the Yukon Territory and Alaska has to offer one of the worst weather changes ever. Mount Logan is the resident of the high Icefield ranges. This mountain is the coldest region among the lot. The region is known as the “Himalaya of North America” and the peak stands almost 20, 000 feet above the sea level. The peak is rising directly above the stormy and rushing Gulf of Alaska.

Antarctica has to offer Vostok Station

Vostok Station

The Vostok Station in Antarctica is definitely going to be in the fifth position among the scientific research centers. The east Antarctica sheet is around 800 miles from the geographical South Pole. Vostok is a lively example to the technological influence on the environment. The record of the coldest temperature is definitely to be seen as a testament of the humanity and its ability to endure the nature’s diversity.

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