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Thinking of saving money during vacation? We have some of the cheapest vacation places for you to visit. These destinations are around the world and you are not going to spend a lot of money to be in any of these places. The fact that these places are affordable does not mean that they are cheap in class and services. You would be stunned to see that some of the things are world class and you are not missing out in luxury and the comfort that places that are highly rated as tourist destinations are offering. The difference is only in the name.

Goa, India


Travelling to India has always been a great bargain but only if you decide to avoid the huge cities. Goa is not exactly a city but a state with a collection of islands. These beach towns and the inland towns have a history of having a love for hippie and electronic music. Don’t be surprised to find that not all of Goa is cheap but the god news is that travelers can always find something to suit their budget.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo New York

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The median family salary is about $63,000 and at least 81% of the families can afford to buy a house. The cost of living is very low with things like utility and transportation about 7% below the national average. Although an indebt study may show that there are imbalances in housing cost especially for those on rents, it still remains an affordable city.

Kathmandu, Nepal


The capital city of Nepal is a busy place and if you can forget about the earthquake that just took place, it has a lot of things for travelers to do. Although most people use it as a transit city when they are going to other trekking towns it is a very fascinating city. When compared to other places, it is a relatively cheap place to be.


Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

According to a report by Forbes magazine, Birmingham Ala is the most affordable city to live in it the US. With the average family earning a median salary of at least $61,000, and house prices below the national average, residents here find it easier to buy a house than those living elsewhere. Also the general cost of living is low with groceries costing lower than in other cities. Although Birmingham may not have the high life of New York and Las Vegas, it is really the place to be especially in these trying economic times.

Krakow, Poland


This is one of Europe’s most interesting destinations. The old city has a lot to offer visitors and it would be hard to be bored in this city. There is a lot to do and city. It is even better now that prices for accommodation are cheap as there are many hotels offering accommodation at cheap prices. Most Europeans go to this city when they want a weekend break. All those hoping to catch a bargain should do so now before high demands push the prices up.


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