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Traffic problems and jams are a common factor in the present day transportation. Every person wants to reach the first to their destination. The five cities with the worst traffic on the records are as follow:-

San Francisco Calif has faced the maximum traffic problems

San Francisco

The traffic problems in San Francisco are a troublesome factor for every family who are regular office, college and school goers. In between the mass transit of trolleys, ferries and subways and streets the transport of big cars and other form of personal vehicles. The metro vacationers try to avoid the single driving commuters. The worst traffic problems are a public affair for San Francisco. The pavement and even public transportation is suffering from clogging and lack of management.

Michigan Traffic problems


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The place of Detroit is the most traffic stuck place. The Detroit suffers from heavy traffic problems. The average traffic problem spent in Detroit is around 33 hours. Yearly heavy traffic has made the wastage of gas at around $761. The traffic out in the Detroit is terrifically pathetic. Every person out there has a personal vehicle and highly advanced transportation techniques. A survey held recently claimed that the traffic congestion is so high and troublesome in Detroit that 11% of the citizens as well as other office goers walk rather than preferring transportation.

Los Angeles has always suffered from terrible transportation problem

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always suffered from terrible transportation throughout the lifetime. The drivers are angry, arrogant or exasperated when the passengers mention the name of Interstate 5. The typical driver and chauffer spends 72 hours in traffic and is always stuck in horrible jams. The office goers face maximum trouble. They have to walk to the nearest metro station or crowd the pavements. The presence of public transportation saves some of the time and energy.

Houston in Texas suffers from terrific transportation trouble


This country suffers from the terrible transportation trouble. This is mainly due to the presence of the extreme population trouble. There are many highways, roadways, underground transportation; but the presence of trouble has not lessened over the time being. This city suffers from 2 million workers and 13% of it is under the carpool. This country has still resisted itself from the mass transits like other countries. Here some of the commuters take more than an hour to reach their work place.

Washington D.C faces traffic problems everyday


Traffic problems in Washington D.C are faced on regular basis. People work on daily basis in Washington D.C. The most important thing in creating this traffic problem is the presence of commuters from Virginia and Maryland suburbs. These people come up to this place for job related issues. Thus, the crowd turns up to be highly jammed and the rush turns out to be mismanaged. It has managed itself to pull down just by the help of efficient co-operation from the people and the usage of pavement as walking. Only 20% of the commuters reach the destination within 20 minutes.

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