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Every country has its own religious approach towards the almighty power. They find it a way to keep their tradition and generation alive for long term. Every religion has its own pattern to handle birth, childhood as well as their generation. But, sometimes the ceremonial approach can be a bit bizarre. The following destinations around the world are famous for their very crazytraditions

Hindu has to offer Thaipusam festival piercing

Thaipusam festival piercing

Hindu has to offer Thaipusam festival as a matter of traditional and devotion to the birth of Lord Murugan. They determine the devotion by piercing every portion of their body. It is mainly present in all those countries and places where Tamil community is maximum prominent. Tamil community is found in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Mauritius. In Tamil Nadu, Thaipusam is very popular in terms of piercing the tongue.

Spain has to offer La Tomatina

La Tomatina

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La Tomatina in Spain is the annual festival for the biggest tomato fight. The Spanish tradition of tomato fight started from 1945. In 1945, during the parade of gigantes y cabezudos, youthful adults who wanted to be in the event staged a brawl in the town’s main square, which is in Plaza de Puebla. There was a vegetable stand nearby and as a weapon of attack tomato was used. The police broke up the fight and the youths were told to pay for the damages occurred. This was the start of the La Tomatina.

Amazon has to offer Bullet Ant Gloves tradition

Bullet Ant Gloves tradition

The Bullet Ant Gloves tradition in Amazon comes with the most painful practice for the men of Satere-Mawe tribe. The Ant Gloves act as a way of proving that man endures any kind of physical pain. The name bullet is activated from comparing the pain with that of bullet hitting the flesh. The young boys of this tribe goes on with medic to collect these ants; after collecting them, the ants are drugged with a particular herb and they sleep, while these ants are put into the gloves. The gloves are then made the boy wore.

Venezuela and Brazil has to offer Yanomami tribe

Yanomami tribe

The Yanomami tribe of the Venezuela and Brazil believe that drinking the ashes of their dead relatives will keep their spirits inside them and in that way their memories will be kept alive. Yanomami is a very god fearing tribe. They always make sure their dead relatives get the perfect funeral or else their dead spirits will come back for vengeance. A dead body, no matter whoever, should be quickly disposed off for the peace of the spirits.

Balinese culture has the tooth filing ceremony

tooth filing ceremony

Hindu includes the Balinese culture; the tooth filing is the biggest Balinese ceremony. This is a noteworthy way of passing from puberty to adulthood. The ritual is applicable for both males and females. This ceremony is especially applicable for the bachelors and bachelorettes. This is done by smoothing down the tooth and eye tooth. The ritual is followed for freeing the invisible evil forces.

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