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Some cities may have it all and people may love to travel there for holidays but with news about high crime rate, this become impossible, the main reason why people travel is to have fun and meet new people and probably learn from them. When you can’t do this without having to look over your shoulder or suspecting everybody around you, then there’s really no need to travel to such places. Some places are dangerous because they are the centers of all the drug lords while others are dangerous because petty criminals find tourist a good prey to find some fast cash. Some of the most dangerous cities around the world based on all or some of these factors are;

San Pedro Sulas, Honduras

San Pedro Sulas

This city has succeeded to stay on the top of the world’s most dangerous cities for many years. The city boasts of the highest rates of homicides in the world. The major problem here is illegal arms’ trafficking that is very common in the city. You never know when even a child will pull a gun on you.

Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

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The war on terrorism suddenly fell on the shoulders of the Pakistani government and today Karachi is a hub for terrorists’ acts. As the war between the Americans and the Afghans spread across the border to Pakistan, other disgruntled Pakistani took advantage and joined a fight which today has made this city one of the dangerous in the world. Terrorist attacks are common and uprising can happen at the slightest provocation.

Kabul, Afghanistan


It seems like this city has always been dangerous since time immemorial. Even as the American troops withdraw from the country there is still no certainty about when one can confidently walk the streets of the city without meeting with angry militants or hear a bomb go off. Terrorist attacks are very common in this city

Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Even after the war on Iraq has died down and American troops are almost out of the country, Iraq is still on the list of countries where Americans are not allowed to travel. The war torn city is a center of gunshots and suicide bombings. Violence in Iraq can erupt at any time and if and America or European would not like to be anywhere near these people anytime they get angry about one thing or another and take to the streets.

Acapulco, Mexico


Not long ago, if you asked any European tourist where they would love to spend a beach holiday, you are sure the answer would have been Acapulco. This is an exotic beach location with many high end resort hotels. However, over the years, it has also managed to become a center of crime with as much as 200 murders happening in a month. While tourists still travel to this location, the number has reduced drastically because of these incidents. Residents are quick to mention that these murders are related to drug feuds but you never know when you will be in the line of fire.



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